Function First Lincoln

Limited Spaces for 2015

Current available spaces

  • Adult FTX Kickboxing = 8 spaces left
  • Adult RST Self Defence = 10 spaces left
  • Adult MMA = 4 spaces left
  • Adult Fitness – 4 spaces left
  • Cadets (age 8-14) FTX kickboxing = 8 spaces left
  • Little vipers (age 5-7) = 6 spaces left

As of January 1st 2015 Function First Academies will be capping class and club numbers.

Spaces will fill fast throughout January and February so don’t dilly dally, if your ready to make a difference then let’s get moving into action.


We want to give all our members the time and attention you deserve.

We are also noticing fantastic results with our new programs and class sizes and we don’t want to dilute this vibe and quality.


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Screenshot 2014-01-07 20.01.10 copyScreenshot 2014-01-07 20.02.47At Function First Lincoln we have more martial arts and fitness classes under one roof than anyone in Lincolnshire.

Everything we do is for a healthier happier life.

  • By Improving your posture we reduce injuries and improve mental well being. There is a direct link between posture and mental health.
  • By developing well balanced muscle groups and flexibility we again reduce injuries throughout your life
  • By focused training and body awareness we direct the attention of the mind on self which has a profound effect on your life
  • By developing self awareness through movement patterns and specialist training we learn to live in the moment, to stay focused and not be easily distracted
  • By building confidence through training we reduce fear and anxiety
  • Improved Posture
  • Get Seriously Toned
  • Learn Realistic Self Defence
  • Gain Confidence
  • Have Huge Amounts Of Fun
  • AND so much more

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Which art is right for me? we will help you choose the right class
  • Why are sport martial arts NOT self defence?
  • Do i have to compete or train heavy? NO, classes are tailored to your needs and ability.
  • Will i get big doing the fitness classes? Not unless you want to, getting big is difficult, if it wasn’t there be millions of body builders
  • What is Renegade Street Tactics? We will explain.
  • Am i to old? NO NO NO
  • Im not very fit will i be ok? YES YES YES

FREE Trial

At Function First Lincoln we know if your new to martial arts and fitness its a mine field out there. Everybody claiming to be the best and a million styles and systems and crazy promises to choose from

When you book in, we will give you a tour of our academy and work out what classes best suit you and your needs.

Its FREE, NO Hassle NO Hard Sell. We Don’t need to.

At Function First Lincoln

We start at ages 5 and up. All our classes are divided into specific age groups so everyone gets the attention and information they need.

Function First Lincoln

FREE trial in all our adult and kids classes

Call 01522 543 787 to book your free trial


We have waiting lists in many of our classes so don’t delay. If your serious about this then we have limited spaces. We do not over fill our classes meaning you get the care and attention you deserve.

Function First Lincoln, we are open 5 days a week with options for those of you working shifts to roll over your classes so you never miss out.

We also have classes in Retford and Louth so you can make up classes in our alternative locations

Call back

What is Functional Training?

Everything and we mean everything we do is based upon natural body movements. All our training develops muscle balance and therefore reduces injuries not just in training but everyday life.

If you are looking to build huge muscles then we are not for you, we can point you in the right direction if you need help with that, there’s a few good muscle gyms in Lincoln.

We focus on toned balanced muscles that can move quick in all natural directions. Big muscles take a lot of oxygen to feed and this is negative for functional movement. We need to move fast and keep moving fast for some time while maintaining strength and power.

At Function First Lincoln we have specialist coaches in all areas and a full time team of six professional fitness and martial arts instructors.

Everything we teach is constantly developed, evolved and updated ensuring you get the latest proven programs in the world today

Meet The Team

Function First Lincoln Team

Function First Lincoln Team

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Call 01522 543 787 to book your FREE trial