MMA for Self Defence?

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How is MMA Effective for Self-Defence?


Even a casual observer of professional sports has heard of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA). It would be difficult not to learn about the sport since has become so incredibly popular in recent years. So popular has the sport become, many have taken it up as a hobby. However, there are those old school martial arts that might wonder if MMA is good for self-defence. For those with such concerns, the ability to make MMA effective for self-defence requires little more than a few tweaks. Once you make the proper changes, MMA becomes an excellent core art for defending yourself.

The reasons why MMA is a good base art for self-defence are:

  • The art incorporates training at a variety of different ranges. Boxing and kickboxing comprise the stand up striking portion. Wrestling, Thai boxing and Judo are a large part of the close-quarters component. Wrestling and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu round out the ground game.
  • MMA is a full contact art. Now, this does not mean those that are MMA practitioners are interested in really beating each other up in training. Rather, it means the training will revolve around working against resistance. Sparring is a large part of most MMA programmes.
  • MMA is also designed to help get you into great condition. The better conditioned and the tougher your body is, then the better primed it will be to handle a self-defence scenario.
  • It is easy to incorporate other arts into the MMA structure. Weapons techniques, combatives and even aspects of the traditional martial arts can be weaved into MMA.

Of course, there will also need to be a few modifications made for street self-defence purposes. These changes are not as complex as you might initially assume. The truth is Mixed Martial Arts training does provide you with an excellent foundation for your fighting skills. Again, you just have to make a few tweaks.

  • MMA is commonly taught for the specific scenario of the cage. For self-defence, you will want to weave the techniques of the cage for more street oriented scenarios. This includes environmental training and being able to avoid or to calm down a difficult situation. Our self defence classes in Lincoln are world class and a lot of fun..
  • The ability to fight without the benefit of safety equipment such as mats or gloves must be addressed.
  • Legal questions about being able to defend yourself must be answered.

Once you do understand a few of the differences between the ring and the street, you will find your ability to turn combat sports into a great self-defence system. Making the modifications is not hard at all.


Kids Self Defence Classes In Lincoln

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Kicks In Self Defence

Traditional And Functional?

Self Defence Classes In Lincoln

self defence classes in lincoln

The technicalities of kicking and the value of said kicks to self defence is an unusual area. Many of those who have trained traditional Martial Arts and have trained kicks before are unsurprisingly protective of kicks, however is there enough value in kicks to warrant the untrained learning them?

Kicks can be functional, however it depends on the kick and it depends on the situation. At function first self defence classes in Lincoln we have built all of our self defence programs to cover the simplest and most functional kicks first. Within the chaos of the fight and in terms of integration with other attacks, simple kicks like direct, diagonal and oblique kicks fit in much better with the concepts of a realist street fight. However is there a place for kicks such as the round kick, side kick, back kick and the front kick, definitely, but later on in the programs, when the student understands how to enter off of the strikes, how to strike in multiple attacker situations and how to strike in a non-sport environment.

At Function First Self Defence Classes In Lincoln

we understand the value of kicks when used correctly.

When used correctly kicks can be a valuable addition to your arsenal however there is also the important question, where are you kicking? Are you going to kick someone in the head in a street fight? Well never say never, but bruce lee said “I would kick someone in the head as I would punch them in the foot”. This is of course just to high light the functionality or the strike in relation to the target, however of course you can punch someone in the foot, it all depends on the situation.

It comes down to the right knowledge for the right skill level and at

Function First Self Defence classes in Lincoln this is how we train you.

Do we start by teaching you to round kick someone to the head, no. At function first self defence classes in Lincoln we start by teaching you a direct kick to the shin, knee or foot. Why? Because its easier, simpler and therefore much more likely to work. When you have trained 10000 round kicks, will you be able to add them into you self defence training? Sure, why not, but just at the right point in the journey.

Thank you and forward the revolution.


Going Bananas At Function First Fitness Lincoln

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Going Bananas

The Value Of This Comedic Fruit – Fitness Classes In Lincoln

function first fitness lincoln

Bananas, fun to say, fun to eat, fun to lay around in old fashioned comedy sketches. But the value of a banana is far more than that, bananas are absolutely packed with Potassium.

At Function First Fitness Lincoln

We Are Proud Of Our Love Of Bananas

Potassium intake from fruits and vegetables has been shown to lower blood pressure.  Studies show that a diet with 8.5 daily servings of fruits & vegetables (providing 4,100 mg of potassium) lowered blood pressure by 7.2/2.8 mmHg (systolic/diastolic) in people diagnosed with high blood pressure, compared to a
diet providing only 3.5 servings of fruits & vegetables (providing 1,700 mg of potassium).

Put Simply, EAT BANANAS!

At Function First Fitness Lincoln

We Will Help You Find Ways To Improve Your Nutrition

The recommended daily intake of potassium for adults is 4,700 mg. Bananas, beans and potatoes are all rich sources of potassium.  Many other fruits
and vegetables are also good sources of potassium. For the best results try baking, roasting or steaming when cooking vegetables.  Avoid boiling as potassium leaches out into the water during cooking.

At Function First fitness in Lincoln

we will give you free support on how to improve your nutrition, how to keep eating the foods you love and how to give yourself the edge that means you will achieve serious results.


Why Breakfast.. Function First Lincoln

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What is the point of breakfast? 

Function First Lincoln

Why should you eat breakfast? You are tired, running late, not really hungry, why bother?

function first lincoln

Your brain runs on glucose (carbs) — that’s the fuel you need to think, walk, talk, and basically do anything.  Let’s say that the last time you eat something at night is at 10 or 11 PM.  The following day, you don’t eat breakfast but wait until about noon to eat. That means you’ve gone thirteen or fourteen hours with nothing in your system.  Your body has to work extra hard to break down any stored carbohydrate or turn fat or protein into a usable form for your brain to function.  That’s a lot to ask for when you’re sitting in a classroom or at your office desk, trying to concentrate on reading, or writing emails.

Eating breakfast has been proven to improve concentration, problem solving ability, mental performance and mood.

Or put it this way, you will certainly be at a disadvantage if your peers have eaten breakfast and you’ve gone without.  On average, they will think faster and clearer and you may find yourself falling behind.

At Function First Lincoln

We help you to be the best you can be. By skipping breakfast, you will have a harder time fitting important nutrients into your diet.  Many foods eaten mainly at breakfast contain significant amounts of vitamins C and D, calcium, iron, and fibre. If you don’t eat the foods you don’t get the nutrients it’s as simple as that. At function first Lincoln we believe that protecting yourself is just as important when thinking about your diet.

Some people also believe that skipping breakfast may help them lose weight. This simply isn’t true. Skipping meals can lead to overeating later in the day, and can eventually lead to a slower metabolism.  Being “over hungry” often leads to a lack of control and distorted satiety signals (meaning it’s hard to determine when you’re full). This can result in taking in more calories. It is usually far easier to control your weight by eating smaller meals and snacks more frequently.

At Function First Lincoln

we respect that not everyone wants to eat breakfast
Whatever your choice, give it some thought.  If you think you’re doing fine with no breakfast, okay, but if you are looking for a way to boost your results give it a go. At Function First function first Lincoln we will give you the support to achieve your goals and you will be amazed how much difference small changes can make.

Give us a call to book your FREE 30 day trial 01522 543 787

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