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Is MMA Lincoln for you??

Has the MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) bug bitten you? No, that question was not directed towards those interested in purchasing the next PPV (Pay Per View). It was directed to those wondering whether or not MMA Lincoln lessons are for them.

You might have watched an event and might be seriously wondering whether or not you should sign up for Mixed Martial Arts lessons. Thinking about taking lessons is certainly a good idea. It is also a good idea to read the following MMA facts because they might just help nudge you towards making the decision to sign up.

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#1 You do not have to compete to take part in MMA Lincoln classes.

As with any other martial art, you can train for fun and for hobby. If you do wish to compete, you can certainly follow the path towards doing so. However, if you are just looking for something fun to do, MMA classes can be worth investing time in.

#2 There is no age limit for taking MMA Lincoln lessons.

You might be over middle age and wondering whether or not MMA is for you. For high intensity competition based training, youth does play a major factor in whether or not you will be able to get the most out of your training. That said, for fun, hobby and fitness, you can be up there in age and still get a lot out of MMA training.

#3 MMA Lincoln is fine for kids as well.

MMA material is commonly weaved into a traditional kid’s martial arts program. That means the kids might end up training with the karate uniforms on and follow a traditional TKD (Tae Kwon Do) or Kempo program. Judo, BJJ (Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu) and kickboxing may be weaved into the program to help bring a little MMA to the traditional program kids enjoy.

#4 MMA Lincoln is great for weight loss and health.bjj to mma

You are performing quite a bit of cardiovascular work when you are engaging in an MMA class. This means you will burn a lot of calories and contribute to the burning of a great many unwanted calories. There is a reason why MMA fighters look lean and ripped. Their workouts lead to such results.

#5 Those interested in self-defense will find MMA Lincoln very helpful.

While MMA is a sportive endeavor, it also covers all manner of striking and grappling. This means it presents excellent tools for use in a self-defense scenario. It is strongly recommended to study personal protection and street self-defense so you can tweak your MMA training for reality based training.

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Power Side Forward vs. Power Side to the Rear: The Eternal Martial Art Discussion

Power side forward vs. power side to the rear: which is better? This is a commonly debated topic among the striking arts. To a degree, whether to put the strong side forward or to the rear is also a common discussion in grappling arts circles. In truth, personal preferences and goals will factor into whether or not the power side should go forward or remain in the rear.

Buy Alprazolam PaypalWhat is your power side?

Strong side vs. weak side will be based on whether you are right handed or left handed. If you are right handed, your right hand would reflect your power hand. Hence, strong side forward means your right hand and foot would be forward. The rational here is both the right hand and foot would be far more capable of handling the tasks required of them since they are stronger. This is why so many self-defence arts stress the strong side forward.

Power side in sports martial arts

Sportive arts will follow a different paradigm. In sportive endeavors, the weak side is put forward for the purpose of setting up a massive power shot from the strong side in the rear. In a sportive endeavor, there are very few options available to those in the ring or the cage. The reason is an opponent will be moving and jabbing. Therefore, it becomes harder to find a clear shot. As a result, it becomes necessary to set up shots through using the weak lead hand and cutting lose with the weak side when an opportunity arises.

Power side in self defence

In self defence, this might not be a wise approach because time is not on the side of the person who is being attacked. Assaults commence and end rather quickly. Due to this fact, striking with the most powerful tool is vital and placing the tool closer to the target makes sense.

That said, you will likely be in a natural stance when you are assaulted and that means your weak side may be forward. You would have no choice but to act from the weak side. Rarely do you ever have any choices when you are dealing with an assault situation. This is do to the rapid nature of such clashes. So, for self defence purposes, it is best to train both the strong and the weak side to ensure you are capable of handling anything that comes your way. With the right effort and training, the weak side can be made much stronger.

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Tips to get the most from Martial Arts Lincoln

Not everyone in the martial arts is a beginner. There are those that have been in the martial arts for some time. While they have not yet reached the level of an expert, they do possess more knowledge than the average student. These would be those persons that have been involved in the martial arts for five or so years. They have a strong love for the arts, but that love can sometimes wane.

What can you do if your once very beloved hobby is now starting to become a tad boring? This is not very likely if you are training at Function First Martial arts Lincoln, but we appreciate that the artistic temperament can have its ups and downs; and occasionally your interest can wain a little.Where To Buy Xanax Uk

Do not fret too much. There are a few simple things you can do to make martial arts a bit more exciting and invigorating again.

Private lessons with Martial arts Lincoln

Taking a private lesson can often help stimulate renewed interest. Sometimes, group classes become dull because they may not be catering to your needs. If you have been doing martial arts for five years and everyone in the class only has a single year, you may feel a little left out. A private lesson will focus on your needs and yours alone. This can have a hugely positive effect on how you train and allows you to become a little more enthusiastic again.

Take a break from martial arts Lincoln

Take a little time off. This might seem like one of the weirdest suggestions for improvement in the martial arts. Why would anyone wish to take time off from training if the goal was to get more out of one’s training time? The answer is there will be instances where training without a break can lead you to become short sighted about your sessions. This is not a good thing which is why it is suggested to take a break now and then. After a month off, you might find yourself very enthused about starting your lessons with martial arts lincoln once again.

Become an assistant with martial arts Lincoln

Offer your services as an assistant instructor. Senior students commonly are responsible for these duties. Your instructor might not know you are interested in such responsibilities unless you inform him. Working as an assistant instructor has many benefits and values. Among them would be the notion you can review material as you instruct. This will enhance your ability to learn immensely.

Blog about your experiences. Finding your creative muse is not commonly suggested as a way to enhance your learning in the martial arts. However, writing your notes on a blog may help bring a little lost enthusiasm about your training.

None of these steps are all that difficult and they can all contribute greater to getting more joy out of your training once again.

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The Foot Sweep: Making a Classic Martial Arts Technique Relevant

One of the huge benefits of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) training has been the modernisation of the martial arts. This is definitely a good thing because modernising the martial arts helps with improving training methods. There is one drawback though. Namely, there are a few old school (so to speak) martial arts techniques that can become somewhat forgotten due to the emphasis on MMA. One such technique would be the classic foot sweep.

Xanax Bars Online CheapThe foot sweep is found in scores of traditional martial arts. It is not commonly taught in many MMA programs and this is unfortunate. It is perplexing though since the foot sweep is found in both Muay Thai and in Judo, two arts that are a major part of MMA training. Granted, many Thai boxing classes opt not to teach the foot sweep due to the injurious nature when a foot sweep is performed as a kick.

So what is a foot sweep?

We are getting a little bit ahead of ourselves here. A foot sweep is a takedown or partial takedown performed by pulling, kicking, or otherwise dragging an opponent’s foot. In Muay Thai, this is traditionally done by kicking a fighter’s ankle as a counter to his kick. Since he is on one leg, the foot sweep is quite dangerous.

That said, there are other times a foot sweep can be performed and done so in a far less dangerous manner. Off balancing an opponent and dragging the foot can take him off balance. In a self-defense situation, someone may try to grab you, you could sweep his foot out making it very difficult for him to move efficiently and you can quickly run away. Of course, in more serious situations, the foot sweep could be used to break the structure of an assailant so you can strike more efficiently. Often, this is a technique used in traditional Muay Thai, but trained fighters know how to counter so they will not get knocked over all that easily.

One thing about foot sweeps is they require an understanding of the proper angles to hit in order to disrupt the opponent. If the angle (often based on the triangle position of how the person’s stance may be), is hit correctly, the person will fall over. Often, it is necessary to attack the feet in combinations in order to hit the correct triangle point. Each time an untrained person struggles to escape a foot sweep, he/she will become more likely to be swept.

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How martial arts masters train

There are a great many inspirational figures in the world of martial arts. From Bruce Lee to Jigoro Kano to Bones Jones, many great fighters and teachers have helped raise awareness of the martial arts and help it grow. Looking towards these legends definitely can be quite the inspiration. For those that wish to become more skilled at the martial arts, it may be best to look at these legends from more a glance. Students of the martial arts, both those new to the arts and those well seasoned, might find much to learn from these legendary figures.

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Bruce Lee – Martial arts master

Top names in the martial arts often have great training regimens. In order to perform at the level they do, they have to be in solid physical condition and have effective training strategies that contribute to their winning edge. An elite MMA fighter likely has a great diet and exercise program that is worth investigating. Often, a lot of valuable information can be derived from these training methods.

Choose an appropriate martial arts training regime for you

A bit of clarification does have to be noted here. First, not every top martial artist is a competitive athlete. Second, you likely have to tone down any training regimens a top athlete takes part in.

Someone that is involved in legitimate self-defense training might not be a competitive athlete, but he may have an excellent training system to follow to deal with violent assaults. Special drills designed to deal with aggressive, violent behavior could be valuable to anyone wishing to gain attributes to deal with serious assaults. Examining these training methods is advised. It is not advised to be too hung up about whether or not the trainer has actually competed in a sporting environment.

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Jigoro Kano – Martial arts master

That said, well conditioned and successful athletes are worth emulating as well….but only to a point. A professional athlete may be able to train a full three hours a day. The average person likely will not be able to do. Those that try might end up burning out rather quickly. They also may have trouble duplicating such an athlete’s diet. Tweaking and modifying the diet to meet one’s physical fitness level would be a helpful strategy.

Researching what works for the many greats in the martial arts world definitely has value. Often, these trailblazers provide the helpful insights required to get the most out of training. While modifications have to be made, using the training strategies of a legendary figure as a base can be hugely helpful.

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Bullies are predators

Buy Pure Alprazolam PowderFor both kids and adults, there are certain predators that you never want to deal with. Those violent persons that enjoy violence are among the worst of the worst to deal with. The mugger may take your money and leave. Social violence can often be diffused easily in some cases. Dealing with someone prone to violence and willing to inflict a high level of violence leaves you with no options but to defend yourself.

Basically, the assailant is not giving you any other option. Your person and your life may be threatened by such a predator.

There may be ways of warding off such a person. Yelling at him to stop in a firm and sound voice could draw the attention of other people. That means witnesses and the predator does not want to deal with witnesses. He definitely does not want to deal with a mob that is interested in inflicting violence.

Predators like to pick on easy victims

You can also look the part of a non-victim. How can this be achieved? If you have a strong, confident posture, you are, most likely, not someone easily picked on. A person training seriously in the martial arts ends up with a look and a physique that probably gives off a sense of being strong and physically capable. Predators may choose to avoid selecting you as a victim. Even the worst of the worst predators might opt to leave you alone.

However, you have to be prepared and skilled to deal with an attack by a predator.

Defending against a predator

When you are involved in a physical confrontation with someone, you are supposed to use the proper amount of a response to nullify the threat. With social violence, a restraint hold may be enough. In seriously violent situations, you may have to, for lack of a better term, knock the assailant out so you can escape. This is not necessarily easy.

It would be ludicrous to infer that there are any simple or easy solutions to dealing with a serious predator that can be put into a written article. You will have to train with an instructor. In your training, you will want to be involved with a program that helps increase your cardio and strength levels and you also want training that teaches you how to deal with the contact of an altercation. Without these two components, you might not find your ability to defend yourself workable.

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Martial Arts Lincoln – A little practice is better than none

There is an old saying and it goes along the lines of something is better than nothing. This is certainly true for those part-time martial artists that might have a very limited window to practice. A common mistake many will make is they assume their schedule is so busy, they cannot invest the time to hone their skills. In truth, they probably have a lot more time than they believe. The reason is they are likely assuming they need much more time to train than they actually do. At martial arts lincoln we appreciate not everyone has the time to train all day, every day.

Formula for successful training – Martial Arts Lincoln

At martial arts lincoln we have a very simple formula when it comes to training in the martial arts

If you train three hours a day every day for a week, that is a lot more trainMartial arts traininging than a person training one hour a week. One hour a week is more than not training at all.

The problem many busy students of the martial arts suffer from is they assume that if they do not get a full 21 hours a week to train, they opt not to train at all. That means they eliminate that one hour of training per week. One hour is a lot! It end up being 52 hours a year. That is definitely much, much better than nothing. Yet, many will opt for nothing because they do not have an hour a week. Well, they do, they just do not realize it.

Yes, there are those that simply do not have one full uninterrupted hour to train during the week. However, it might not be hard to invest five minutes in the morning and five minutes at night six days out of the week. This will give you the full one hour you are seeking.

Get the most out of your training – martial arts Lincoln

This might seem a little odd since it reflects so very little training time. Now, no one is suggesting this is the best way to train for a UFC main event. For the average person wishing to get the most out of his or her martial arts studies, those short training sessions can contribute to overall proper development. The goal here is to try and squeeze in a few workouts now and then so the cumulative effect of the workout ends up yielding good results.

You also eliminate a lot of down time. You might end up being very busy for five months and then discover your schedule is free once again. Why let that five months go to waste. There is certainly no reason to dismiss even a few minutes of your time since all your workouts can contribute to improvements in your overall self-defence and self-confidence.

At martial arts lincoln we encourage you to use your time wisely, and squeeze in a little training when you can.

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Do you record your martial arts training?

Can keeping a journal of you martial arts training prove to be a wise idea for those interested in achieving their goals? It certainly would be more beneficial than not having one!

In all seriousness, keeping a journal is a worthwhile pursuit. Simply going to class and being in the moment will definitely help you develop a tremendous amount of skill. However, there is SO much material covered in class time over the course of several years, it would be next to impossible to remember everything that was taught. Consider this a good reason to keep a journal of your martial arts training.

Buy Xanax NycThere are three major components to a journal:

  • Goals
  • Technical Information
  • Personal Reflections

This does not mean the journal is locked solely into these three components. You can add any other items to it you wish. These three sections are probably the most important because they cover the bulk of the territory found in the actual class sessions.

Martial arts training goals

Goals reflect what you wish to achieve in the actual class. Goals can be short term and long term. A simple short term goal would be to see your kicks greatly improve over the course of three months. Long term goals could be to place high or outright win a national tournament. Goals are important to write down and chart the progress of because when you have not given clear thoughts to your goals, you end up wondering more than a bit aimlessly without any direction.

Technical information in your martial arts training

The technical information section is important because you will learn a lot of material over the course of a single month of training. Imagine what you might end up learning over the course of five years. You would never be able to remember the bulk of the material which is why keepful a journal of all the technical material you learn in class is valuable. Who knows? You might end up with a near encyclopedia of information before your martial arts career is finished.

Personal reflections may be dismissed by some, but they really should not be. There will be quite a number of special thoughts that pop into your head during your training. If you do not get into the habit of writing these things down, you will end up forgetting them. Losing your many reflections about the art(s) you are studying would be a shame when all it may take is five minutes to type them up on your laptop. You may even wish to review these items one day when the time comes to reflect on your past experiences in your martial arts training.

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MMA Lincoln – How Wrestling or Judo Player Can Give you a Great Advantage

Are you an amateur wrestler or accomplished Judo fighter? If so, you might find your skills to be a great advantage in the world of MMA. While the pros may have good takedown defences, amateurs might not. For those with quality takedown skills, doing well on the amateur circuit is attainable.Order Alprazolam Next Day Delivery

Why so? Basically, there are certain realities to the amateur circuit that might not be the case on the pro level.

MMA Lincoln – Amateur MMA Vs Professional MMA

Amateur mixed martial arts is a lot different than the professional ranks. Most would be MMA competitors are most familiar with what they see on television. These events would be the professional fight leagues. Watching such events can give you the impression all MMA bouts look like those on the pro circuit. This is not necessarily the case as the amateur circuit may be a little more raw. Fighters have not been able to round out their game simply because they have not been fighting a very long time yet. Therefore, they might have holes in the game. Among the most common holes these fighters will have is weaknesses in takedowns. At Function First MMA Lincoln we take strategy very seriously, you must have a good game plan.

MMA Lincoln – Fight strategy

By their very nature, amateur MMA fighters are mostly coming from a single discipline. They might be mainly Brazilian Jiu Jitsu or kickboxers and are rounding out their game with other arts. Among the areas where most martial artists are weak would be with takedown defense. Takedowns are the game of the wrestler and the Judo fighter. In MMA, they might have an advantage since the other artists may be easier to take down. The wrestler might find this a little easier than the Judo fighter. The reason is the wrestler can perform a shot from a great distance. He can be out of striking range. A Judo man might have to get a little closer which puts him in striking range.

Either way, repeatedly taking an opponent down can lead to winning a round. If you win all the rounds, you win the bout.

Come complete your game at Function First MMA Lincoln

Does this mean winning is a foregone conclusion? No, no one would suggest this. All that is being stated is takedowns can give a grappler a number of advantages. For those with such a background, the amateur MMA circuit is well worth exploring.

You will have to round out your game. Striking and submission skill will need to be developed to an acceptable level. Takedowns can take you far, but they will only take you so far. Your game does have to be well rounded.

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