Function First Ju Jitsu

All our classes are suitable for beginners



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  • Become a well rounded martial artist
  • Learn Combat essentials
  • Get seriously fit
  • Reduce stress and Have fun
  • Develop Mental Toughness
  • Learn in a fun safe environment

We have specific classes for stand up

Striking and Groundwork Ju Jitsu

Our classes are divided into 

  1. FTX Kickboxing classes. This is where you will study the stand up game . High energy fast paced classes, lots of pad work covering combat essentials
  2. Groundwork Ju Jitsu Classes. These are where you will study ju jitsu groundwork. These classes can be quite technical due to the complexity and nature of the work.
  3. Sparring classes. These are suitable for everyone. We are here to make you not break you. Nothing to prove but a massive amount of fun to pressure test your training and build confidence in bucket loads.



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