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MMA Lincoln – How Wrestling or Judo Player Can Give you a Great Advantage

Are you an amateur wrestler or accomplished Judo fighter? If so, you might find your skills to be a great advantage in the world of MMA. While the pros may have good takedown defences, amateurs might not. For those with quality takedown skills, doing well on the amateur circuit is attainable.Torn Cheapest Xanax

Why so? Basically, there are certain realities to the amateur circuit that might not be the case on the pro level.

MMA Lincoln – Amateur MMA Vs Professional MMA

Amateur mixed martial arts is a lot different than the professional ranks. Most would be MMA competitors are most familiar with what they see on television. These events would be the professional fight leagues. Watching such events can give you the impression all MMA bouts look like those on the pro circuit. This is not necessarily the case as the amateur circuit may be a little more raw. Fighters have not been able to round out their game simply because they have not been fighting a very long time yet. Therefore, they might have holes in the game. Among the most common holes these fighters will have is weaknesses in takedowns. At Function First MMA Lincoln we take strategy very seriously, you must have a good game plan.

MMA Lincoln – Fight strategy

By their very nature, amateur MMA fighters are mostly coming from a single discipline. They might be mainly Brazilian Jiu Jitsu or kickboxers and are rounding out their game with other arts. Among the areas where most martial artists are weak would be with takedown defense. Takedowns are the game of the wrestler and the Judo fighter. In MMA, they might have an advantage since the other artists may be easier to take down. The wrestler might find this a little easier than the Judo fighter. The reason is the wrestler can perform a shot from a great distance. He can be out of striking range. A Judo man might have to get a little closer which puts him in striking range.

Either way, repeatedly taking an opponent down can lead to winning a round. If you win all the rounds, you win the bout.

Come complete your game at Function First MMA Lincoln

Does this mean winning is a foregone conclusion? No, no one would suggest this. All that is being stated is takedowns can give a grappler a number of advantages. For those with such a background, the amateur MMA circuit is well worth exploring.

You will have to round out your game. Striking and submission skill will need to be developed to an acceptable level. Takedowns can take you far, but they will only take you so far. Your game does have to be well rounded.

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