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Cheap Xanax Bars Online, Alprazolam Online Australia

Cheap Xanax Bars Online, Alprazolam Online Australia

Self Defence Lincoln The Un Real Deal

The Un Real Deal Self Defence Lincoln

My Self Defence is the best he said

Self Defence Lincoln The Un Real Deal – We hear it all the time

If you train self-defence then you have heard this a million times

“My self-defence is the most realistic”


“Insert system here, is the best self-defence there is”

Self Defence Lincoln The Un Real Deal – Question

So yours is the best, exactly how many systems have you trained in and how do you actually decide?

It’s like every coffee shop in the world has the poster in the window

Self Defence Lincoln The Un Real Deal

Its true i tell you

Self Defence Lincoln The Un Real Deal – Tested

So every other sport pretty much has a league or a title belt or a gold medalist etc. We have measurement systems in place to decide what actually is or who is the best in the world and it’s as good as it gets currently. Like it or not there are winners and losers and there are ultimate champions and to take that belt, the trophy from them you have to beat them.

Self Defence Lincoln The Un Real Deal – Be nice

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not dissing other systems. I love most of the other arts that are about, I’ve trained in many. Though when i hear thee statements, it’s like saying “I have the greatest toenail clipping system in the world, I’m the best there is” It sort of means nothing in the grand scheme of things.

Self Defence Lincoln The Un Real Deal – Enjoyment

If you are enjoying the training, breaking a sweat and having fun then you’re onto a good thing. Building friendships and camaraderie are important and much lacking as adults.

So don’t try to measure the unmeasurable, be happy your active and humble

If you really want to find out what works simply apply to compete in “name an art” and see how you do, win or lose it’s all good.



Xanax Online 2015
Cheap Xanax Canada

Purchasing Xanax In Mexico

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Social Media Self Defence

It’s A Real Thing 

Social Media Self Defence – Some tips to help

Social Media Self Defence

Social Media Self Defence – Twitter & Facebook are NOT REAL Life

We are in a strange time and place where humans are struggling to adapt to the current technological landscape.

BAD NEWS is, it’s going to get worse before it gets better.

GOOD NEWS is, you can train to keep the wolves and keyboard warriors at bay.

So have you ever commented on a post and before you know it, your being attacked and abused?

The simplest comment can be met with insults and anger. If you haven’t then can you please send me your secret.

Social Media Self Defence – The signs

The first signs are usually people respond with something personal. This is your warning sign, it’s all about the ideas. Let’s say we’re discussing a political idea or a training technique, it doesn’t really matter.

The thing we’re discussing is an idea, we are not our idea’s, ideas can change. As soon as someone criticises you and not your idea the conversation is going well off track.

Simply respond with “Can we leave me out of this, i’d like to stick with the subject and idea”

I have been in debates where people have gone completely insane and insulting. I keep repeating this until they get it and we continue or i leave the conversation.

Social Media Self Defence – Go ahead punk, change my mind

I always like to squeeze in the invitation, go ahead punk, change my mind. I mean it, if your idea is better than my own then I’m shifting my paradigm over, that’s what I live for. I’m not here to prove I’m right, so prove my idea wrong or weak.

Imagine a world where politicians acted like that. Instead of turning up to argue and prove a point. Turn up to get to the best outcome, so in the end, we all win. We can dream eh!

social media self defence

Social Media Self Defence – Insane rabbit head 

It’s always helpful to remember that. If a man in a rabbit head mask shouted across the street. “you have absolutely no idea how to xxxxxxxxx” You wouldn’t automatically think “oh let’s sit down and discuss this, i need to explain my life to you”

No, you’d think, fruitcake stay out of my life in off for a coffee. Social media is the same, random strangers with random profile pics. Saying random things often for no reason than to antagonise others.

There possibly also 12 years old and have nothing better to do than bait people much much wiser.

Social Media Self Defence – Stay Free

Don’t get caught up in it. It’s not real and while in the moment it can feel like a rollercoaster of emotions. Its simply a keyboard and a screen, turn it off.

No one, and I mean no one will care or remember a few hours later.

He who controls emotions controls the fight

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Self Defence Classes Lincoln

Self Defence Classes Lincoln – Realistic Self Defence

So what is realistic self-defence and who says it’s so?

I hope we would all agree that self-defence for the modern day street is not the same as it was 300 years ago. Basic combat principles remain I believe but the society has shifted somewhat over the century’s as has the environment.

Martial arts have evolved over the centuries and in the last few years with the emergence of MMA some would argue that they have evolved more in the last 10 years than in the previous 300. Like I say, some would argue so keep your lid on.

Self Defence Classes Lincoln

I myself have been studying self-defence for many years now and most of that journey was alongside the founders of the now dissolved Keysi Fighting Method. They were amazing years and the training answered the questions I had based upon my experiences of street fight’s, shootings and knife attacks dXanax To Buy. Many of you who know me or have read my articles in Martial Arts Illustrated or followed my blogs know some of my story.

Self Defence Classes Lincoln

Now what became apparent to me some years ago was with the rising popularity of MMA your average person studying Martial Arts was becoming proficient very quickly. The MMA style of training meant that the work was pressure tested on a daily basis. As I became more involved in MMA and organised our own shows and attending others I also saw a new breed of fighter. Some of those training and competing in MMA were fighting on shows on a regular basis. Some even competing Friday and then Saturday on another show. Back to work Monday and the gym Monday night, next weekend do it all again. One guy who competed on our show jumped out of the cage, put on his shirt and went to work like he’d just been to the gym on a treadmill.

Now I’ve always known there are people out there who just love to fight, that’s not my point. What I noticed is there are now lots of people out there who love to fight and can fight, and the numbers are growing rapidly.

Self Defence Classes Lincoln

During the following years I trained and studied with good friend Tony Davis in MMA. When I started teaching MMA it was purely for the sport application and the love for competition. What I also realised was I developed a much healthier outlook on life and my training due to the style of training and the humbling experience of failing a lot on the mats and getting tapped out repeatedly. Remember I came from a pretty hardcore lifestyle, living with the travelling community for over 20 years. Involved in serious violent situations for many years then straight into KFM. There ensued years of hardcore realistic study of how to smash and destroy everyone and everything. That’s all I did, I had no job and plenty of time. All I did was train and study violence and violent people after living with them for so long I guess you could say there wasn’t much Yin In my Yang. Don’t get me wrong, it was awesome but now at my age? I guess I’m chilling out a little.

Self Defence Classes Lincoln

Over the years as my skills developed and my ability grew I became disillusioned with the pure self defence style. I began to notice areas especially the ground that were seriously underdeveloped and not understood

When does pain meet its limits? At what point does causing pain to your opponent fail you?

Simple, when it doesn’t hurt them, from my own experience pain doesn’t really play a part in the fight when it’s for real. I have been beaten unconscious by a gang of men before, I woke up fighting and got beat unconscious again. I felt nothing.

Experiences like that and then my study of the arts confirmed my beliefs, you need to understand how to deal with people who are bigger, stronger and do not feel pain and the only way other than the cop out eye gouge argument or use a weapon is. Learn BJJ or no gi or wresting etc.

Self Defence Classes Lincoln –Get Xanax Prescription Online

Do not misunderstand that last statement; I do not believe BJJ or any other ground-based sport to be adequate for multiple attack situations. If that were true then pure BJJ guys would dominate the MMA scene without sXanax Online Store. What I am saying is ground movement from these arts is essential to become a well rounded fighter

We have also all heard the stories or seen the footage of BJJ guys tapping out much larger opponents over and over. Not down to brute force or strength or relying on pain (much) but through superior posture and structure and securing position with incredible movement and technique.

As I’m always being told by my grappling coach. “Position before submission” well the same applies to applying devastating strikes on the ground. Secure the position first, otherwise there gone.

Self Defence Classes Lincoln

I always came across the same response from people in the self-defence world when I posed question like.

“If you don’t know putting your arm in the wrong place means your opponent will break it in seconds. “

The answer,

“Yeah but that’s sport and were street and if he does an armbar in the street he’s an idiot because blah blah blah.”

“Yes I reply, but he’s an idiot who just snapped your arm because you gave it to him due to lack of knowledge”

“We don’t study the sport because its sport” was the answer. Even worse on many occasions I was told “They need to worry about us, not the other way around”

Self Defence Classes Lincoln – Delusion

It was such a deluded mind-set and arrogant. I’d watch people putting themselves in compromising situations where even a novice fighter would snap an arm or choke them out in seconds, over and over again without realising it. But everything is ok because we don’t have rules so we can do what we want seemed to be the ultimate answer to everything.

We have all met or heard this I believe“I don’t train the ground because I don’t fall down, I don’t go to the ground”

Now we all know this is delusional beyond belief, I mean you are in fact a walking miracle if you have never fallen over in your life. Saying we don’t study this or that because its sport is no different and if you find your self thinking that or being taught that, get out of there or keep a clear mind and cross train.

I loved my pure self defence years, they were crazy and intense and I learnt so much, my life changed for the better and I regret nothing. I do now realise something now though. Self defence answered my questions in the beginning, answers to some life threatening situations and violence, but it stopped answering them in certain areas like the ground. As I became a more proficient fighter and I saw the modern day martial artist and street thug adopt a new style of training and pressure testing it daily, fighting for fun, for real and regular.


The enemy is changing and your style of training needs to keep up with what’s out there. If its art for art’s sake then good for you and whatever makes you happy. But if you’re studying for reality then the question should be.

What is reality?

Do some research, talk to door supervisors to see what common changes they have seen in the last few years. Watch CCTV footage from the many streaming sites out there. Think about a 20 year old juiced up young man who from the age of 12 has been following UFC, fights for his local club, trains hard and loves to ruk on a Saturday night on the streets if he’s not got a legal fight. Ask yourself, really honestly do you believe in your training? Now there are 2 of them and they mean it, do you still believe in your training?

Now all that being said, have some fun and get more from your art than just kicking and punching.

Heres a good read on violence from Sam Harris – Buy Xanax Thailand

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