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This website will no longer be updated from 2019

This website will no longer be updated from 2019

Martial Arts Lincoln resides at the Function First Academy Dixon Street

martial arts lincoln

Martial Arts Lincoln we have beginner classes in all arts

  • Kickboxing Lincoln Beginners
  • Ju Jitsu Beginners
  • Self Defence Beginners
  • Boxing Beginners
  • Sparring

Once you have mastered the basics in our martial arts Lincoln classes, you move into our intermediate classes and then on to advanced when you are ready, meaning your growth is structured carefully

You will not find a friendlier safer Club, our purpose is to develop mentally and physically strong people over time, at your pace.

As a result, you reap the benefits both on the mats and off the mats

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martial arts lincoln
martial arts lincoln

Everything we do at Martial Arts Lincoln is for a healthier happier life.

  • By Improving your posture in our classes we reduce injuries and therefore improve mental well-being. Because there is a direct link between posture and mental health.
  • We focus on well-balanced muscle groups and flexibility we again reduce injuries throughout your life
  • With full body awareness, we direct the attention of the mind on self which as a result has a  profound effect on your life.
  • Focused self-awareness through movement patterns in our kickboxing classes and specialist Ju Jitsu training we learn to live in the moment, to stay focused and not be easily distracted
  • The confidence gained through training means we reduce fear and anxiety, another huge benefit.

At Function First Martial Arts Lincoln

Kickboxing – Ju Jitsu – Self Defence – Boxing classes

We have waiting lists in many of our classes so don’t delay. Because if you’re serious about this then we have limited spaces. We do not over fill our classes meaning you get the care and attention you deserve.

Also, classes are open 5 days a week meaning those of you working shifts to roll over your classes so you never miss out.