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Martial Arts Lincoln – A little practice is better than none

There is an old saying and it goes along the lines of something is better than nothing. This is certainly true for those part-time martial artists that might have a very limited window to practice. A common mistake many will make is they assume their schedule is so busy, they cannot invest the time to hone their skills. In truth, they probably have a lot more time than they believe. The reason is they are likely assuming they need much more time to train than they actually do. At martial arts lincoln we appreciate not everyone has the time to train all day, every day.

Formula for successful training – Martial Arts Lincoln

At martial arts lincoln we have a very simple formula when it comes to training in the martial arts

If you train three hours a day every day for a week, that is a lot more trainMartial arts traininging than a person training one hour a week. One hour a week is more than not training at all.

The problem many busy students of the martial arts suffer from is they assume that if they do not get a full 21 hours a week to train, they opt not to train at all. That means they eliminate that one hour of training per week. One hour is a lot! It end up being 52 hours a year. That is definitely much, much better than nothing. Yet, many will opt for nothing because they do not have an hour a week. Well, they do, they just do not realize it.

Yes, there are those that simply do not have one full uninterrupted hour to train during the week. However, it might not be hard to invest five minutes in the morning and five minutes at night six days out of the week. This will give you the full one hour you are seeking.

Get the most out of your training – martial arts Lincoln

This might seem a little odd since it reflects so very little training time. Now, no one is suggesting this is the best way to train for a UFC main event. For the average person wishing to get the most out of his or her martial arts studies, those short training sessions can contribute to overall proper development. The goal here is to try and squeeze in a few workouts now and then so the cumulative effect of the workout ends up yielding good results.

You also eliminate a lot of down time. You might end up being very busy for five months and then discover your schedule is free once again. Why let that five months go to waste. There is certainly no reason to dismiss even a few minutes of your time since all your workouts can contribute to improvements in your overall self-defence and self-confidence.

At martial arts lincoln we encourage you to use your time wisely, and squeeze in a little training when you can.

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