Always Be Respectful of Your Grappling Training Partners

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Respect your grappling partner

The grappling component to mixed martial arts contributes to the accessibility of the arts. Grappling, unlike the striking end of the art, can be trained by everyone regardless of size, shape, age or athletic ability. At its core, the leverage based aspect of grappling contributes to it being more accessible to a larger number of people. The ability to roll (grappling spar) is also appealing to many because it comes with much lower of a risk of injury and can be done at a relatively slow pace. This means more time can be spent rolling for fun and enjoyment.

Respect your grappling partnerTherefore, partners need to do whats required of them to be good training partners. When the time comes to roll, it is really not a good idea to simply steamroll through a training partner. In other words, you do not want to beat him or her over and over and over again….not unless you want your training partners to not come back the next day.

Keep a few things in mind when grappling sparring, you are not taking part in a competition. You are trying to hone your skills. The same can be said of your training partner. In some cases, your training partner may be more interested in following a slower path to improvement. He or she just might be trying to get a nice workout in before going home or just wants to hang out with like-minded people who share the same hobbyist pursuits. What the person may not be interested in is seeing each and every rolling session seem like an Olympic training session. It is not. Nor is it even a local submission grappling tournament. It is simply a class session.

What would be the value in tapping someone out once, twice, three times, and fourth…and so on? Doing so might be an ego boost, but what would you really be gaining? Such an attitude is also a selfish one because it utterly dismisses the feelings of the less experienced training partner.

And that training partner will not likely stay around forever or even for another class. A lot of the fun goes out of the class when you are treated like a ragdoll. The overall mood of the gym becomes too competitive and all the fun is suctioned out. Ironically, this can make for a bad training environment when your goal is to win tournaments.

The moral of the story here: use common sense and a bit of a good attitude when rolling in a grappling class.

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