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Be First & Be Last

What Madness Is This?

Be First, It’s a mindset, it’s a disciplined mind.


Discipline is king.

Be First – An Example Of How To Develop This Mindset

In out kettlebell classes currently, we are working Tabata protocols
10 minute warm up
3 minutes intense workout
1.30-minute active rest
Repeat x 5

Now what happens, what is common is this. The bell goes to begin the round and I look around to see a few people holding out before they grab them bells and embrace the suck

This is a mindset that leaks into every single thing in your life. The mats are a microcosmos, they are a reflection of who you are and you cannot hide. Not here, not at Function First, because we are here for you and we will never ever let you choose the path of procrastination.

Be First It’s a fight – Life’s a Fight

So apply the combat rules to all areas of importance to you, Be First Be Last. When the bell goes during kettlebell you’re attacking the routine. Imagine it’s actually a fight, you can’t chill out for twenty seconds then cruise into the round. I imagine an opponent running across the cage and a flying knee coming towards my face.

Keep developing this mindset, do it now. It’s like a muscle. Be first, the more you work it the stronger it becomes.

When the bell is coming up to stop, don’t focus on stopping. Focus on getting more out, rinse the round, squeeze every last ounce if can do out of your body

Be First – Prioritise 

Yoy don’t want to be like this with every single aspect of your life, that would be a bit much. So pick the things that matter to you. Attack them with this mentality, this is one element that leads to mastery

For example, if in your kickboxing class. Your coach has explained the technique and off you go. Now you can cruise into the drill or you can apply fighters mindset, be first.

Do the maths. You first to start and last to stop in every class. So in a one hour class, you get 50 more reps in of a technique.

50 reps in one class multiply by 100 means 5000 reps more in one year if you train twice a week. Now do that for 10 years, that’s 50,000 reps more, now that’s where mastery lies, you were first and last, it’s a mindset. No secrets, just hard work and a disciplined mindset. Be first.

Life is like a sausage machine, you get out what you put in.

Revolution Is Internal

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