Beginners Boxing Classes

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Beginners Boxing Classes

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Beginners boxing classes at Function First Lincoln

beginners boxing classes

Beginners Boxing Classes – We all start somewhere

So we all start somewhere and that first step can be a little daunting sometimes. That’s why at Function First Lincoln we have beginner boxing classes. We ease you in with other beginners so you all grow together.

We’re here to make you not break you. Boxing is a go-to martial art for lots of people. It’s also a gateway art that leads many to train in other arts. At Function First, we are a mixed martial arts academy so if you decide you have the choice to try other classes.

Beginners Boxing Classes – You are not alone

We have lots of beginners so you won’t be alone. Beginners boxing classes mean you train for one year in the basics. After this, you progress onto the next stage with others when ready. You will focus on the basic strikes and combinations. Footwork and movement is also a huge part to learn.

I always loved the analogy of the supercar. You can have a V12 6000cc engine but without wheels, it’s going nowhere. Boxing, you can punch a heavy bag and break it in half. If you can’t move your feet then you’re going to need your opponent to stand still.

Beginners Boxing Classes –  Punch combinations

In year one you will learn the most common punch combinations in combat sport for knockouts. These have been studied over tens of thousands of fights over many years.

We also have a simple number system to help you learn the combinations faster and retain the information longer.

Personally, I find it fascinating that something that seems so simple. Can be so complex seemingly without an end to learning.

Beginners Boxing Classes – Depth of knowledge

Think about this, you learn a Jab or a drag step. Now that jab is the same jab as Mayweather learnt. But it’s obviously not used the same. The jab simply goes out and returns in a straight line, it takes five minutes to grasp. Then it takes a lifetime of study to make it work. This is what makes martial arts absolutely fascinating. You never have it all, there is always a deeper understanding.

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We always offer a free trial so call Paula on 01522 543 787 to book in

We also recommend you try a couple of other clubs so you can make an informed decision, don’t buy the first car you test drive.

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