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Fight Team Growing

Martial Arts Flow Drills

Cadet & Adult Fight Team Information

So we are getting a lot more of you asking about competing lately. So here hopefully, is everything you need to know, plus a few changes for the cadets (age 9-15) team

Cadet Team age 9-15

We have introduced a new format for the cadets making it easier for you all to compete and get the adequate training necessary for competing.

The minimum requirement to compete is two classes a week

Monday & Wednesday 5.30pm class for the fight team is now 1 hour

The first 35 minutes are regular technical classes followed by 25 minutes dedicated competition sparring

We also have an optional Saturday class at 2.30pm until 4pm 100% dedicated to competition training, this is for adults and cadets.

Of course the more work you put in the higher the skill level and increased ability in competition will be achieved. That being said, some children can lose the motivation and enthusiasm if they train too much so please bear that in mind, more is not always better.

If we think your child is doing too much we will reduce their package and limit their classes, no one wins if we allow children to burn out and lost their passion.

Adult Team

Adults, suck it up, you cannot overtrain on our timetable.

Minimum classes for adult competition are four classes a week. Two technical classes and two sparring. It’s in the sparring classes that we asses you all to see when you are ready, no sparring, no competitions.

Prices as usual, see Beckie on reception. More Is Better.

Our Commitment To You

We arrange the shows and we start with interclubs. These are friendly competitions set up for beginners often these events are in other clubs with multiple competitions going on at once, fairly relaxed and a family friendly atmosphere. They are not a brawl looking for knockouts. They are designed for people to get used to the competitive arena in a safe environment. They are a test of skill and technical ability. We make sure you are matched up fairly and we stop any competition if it looks mis matched or to intense.

Its common to have more than one competition in a day if you so wish, meaning you can gain invaluable experience.

We corner you, we look after you and we make sure its as enjoyable as possible.

If after several inter-club competitions you wish to continue your journey we offer additional free training for team members. We give back to those who commit to us.

Required Equipment

You will need your own training equipment and lads you will need a groin guard.

Uniform essential, it hurts a little when we travel to shows and corner someone in Tapout gear.


Speak to one of the coaches if you have any questions and Beckie to get on the team package.

Then train hard and enjoy the ride

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Kids Bullying School Lies

Kids Bullying School Lies

Kids Bullying School Lies – Lies?

I seem to be getting into this discussion with parents a lot again lately.

It starts something like this “My child was put in isolation for defending themselves”

Or one I had the other day “we ended up getting a solicitor to talk to the school and the solicitor said the school don’t allow kids to defend themselves”

Well excuse my bluntness, BUT that solicitor is an idiot and your kid’s school is lying to you.

Kids Bullying School Lies – Rights

I’m going to keep it simple, if you require more information please get in touch.

  • Self defence is a legal right and no one can take that away
  • No school or workplace policy is above the law
  • Your school has a duty of care to your child
  • If they take away your child’s rights to defend themselves they are failing in their duty of care and breaking the law
  • By taking away their right to defend themselves, they are adding duress and stress to your child’s well being and school experience
  • The law as it relates to self defence is crystal clear, if you want to go the extreme. It is legal to kill someone in self defence.
  • If you can prove that you acted with reasonable force and held an honest belief that you or others or property were in danger you acted within the law.
  • The law is for all
  • You can sue your school for taking away these rights

martial arts breed violence

There’s the legal stuff, now here’s the psychological implications, maybe?

What kind of person would tell a child not to defend themselves?

What message is that giving to them and how does that help when they enter the big wide world on their own?

Imagine putting your child in a boxing ring with another child and saying, “Don’t hit back” Imagine the stress, imagine how helpless and alone and frightening that would be.

Now imagine saying “if you hit back i will punish you, and there are 100 people watching.

Not only can they not stand up for themselves or their friends but they are going to get punished for doing so.

What kind of world is that?

Now explain to me how the above example is any different than sending your kids to school where they are being bullied every day. Sending them there saying, you cannot defend yourself, the teacher said so and they have told us they will call in the police if you do.

I’ll tell you the difference, the school day lasts six hours not like six minutes in a boxing ring, the bully knows he can get away with it and cares nothing about the teacher’s threats of isolation or the police. The boxing ring has a referee so if it gets too messy they stop it, the playground is concrete and there are no rules and bullies operate with friends who will kick you when you are down.

Do you think that might cause stress to your child?

Do you think that might cause anxiety, depression? You don’t have to be a genius to work out where that type of thing can lead, it’s dangerous.

It only stops when the bully decides


Kids Bullying School Lies – MINIMUM FORCE

Minimum force always, but take no nonsense, stay safe and change schools to one with an ethical policy on self-defence. To a school that recognises bullies exist and need to be stood up to.

If you cannot find one then simply adopt the attitude of the bully

Stick two fingers up to the dumb rule makers and do whats right, deal with the consequences later, you’ll be better off for it in the long run.

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Fight Team Leeds

June 2018

Fight Team Leeds 2018 June

We attended the Strike Series event K1 & Kickboxing show in Leeds this June. Nicely run show with the largest chandelier you’ve ever seen.

Four of the team were competing on the show and training camp was a gruelling 8 weeks that paid off.

Fight Team Leeds – Alfie

fight team leeds

Alfies knockout shot

Alfie Lewis – was first up for his second K1 kickboxing bout. Round 1 could have been scored either way, both fighters went 100% and it was hard to score.

For round 2 the corner crew gave Alfie some guidance, he went back in and knocked out his opponent with a round kick to the head. Watching him execute the knockout shot was no different than watching him in training. He simply applied the training drills and game plan and boooom.

Fight Team Leeds – Billy

Win for Billy

Billys second show, he fought a tough K1 Kickboxing fight. It went all three rounds though he dominated them all, it was a battle.

His opponent was up for a fight and he was no push over. But in the end the judges scored it a unanimous win for Billy. Heavy hits from both fighters.

Fight Team Leeds – Tom

fight team leeds

Loss for Tom

Tom fought a fantastic K1 Kickboxing fight, very technical and a great attitude. Sadly he got knocked out in the second round but overall Toms fight showed a great mix. Technique, posture, ring craft, aggression accuracy. It was all there and a true pleasure to watch.

He landed so many well timed shots, knees, kick punches. Everything set up, everything followed up.

Happy days, a fine loss

Fight Team Leeds – Dom

fight team leeds

Doms first boxing bout a draw

Well this was feisty and very exciting. Doms first boxing bout and what fun he had. Tough tough opponent, really swinging some bombs and taking some punishment well.

I’ll not mention the floss dancing Dom seemed to be doing.

All three rounds were like a Rocky movie, the crowd were going insane, the mix of technique and fight brawl mash up were such fun to watch.

The judges scored it a draw and we were all happy with the outcome.



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Kickboxing Muay Thai Lincoln Seminar

Kickboxing Muay Thai Lincoln Seminar

Kickboxing Muay Thai Lincoln Seminar – Fight Team

Matt Chapman returned to deliver his Kickboxing & Muay Thai work for the Function First fight team and members.

The first hour was specifically for the fight team where we looked at kick and punch setups.

Lots of detail such as angles for the fakes and faints to land those shots. Matt has a very diverse background in martial arts and decades of knowledge. He kept the fight team on their toes with a fast-paced delivery with a fantastic structured approach that followed on.

Kickboxing Muay Thai Lincoln Seminar – Tailored

The work covered meant each fight team member could pick one or two things that fitted with their body type and fighting style. The idea of this session was not to remember every single detail but to remember what fits for the individual.

Everyone’s game lifted and we all took something from it to work on and add to our game

Kickboxing Muay Thai Lincoln Seminar – Members

Matt started with basic pad drills to see where the member’s levels had got to since he last coached here 18 months ago. The feedback was fantastic, he seemed pleasantly surprised at the increase in skill and ability since his last visit.

The hot and sweaty two-hour session covered liver shots and setups where we landed hooks, knees and round kicks to the liver

Then onto kick combinations that had everyone moaning in pain as the hip flexor muscles felt like they were about to leave the body.

We then looked at superman punch setups. Superman fake to over with a couple of different angles and superman fake to knees and kicks which were a lot of flying fun.

Kickboxing Muay Thai Lincoln Seminar – Summary

Matts delivery was seamless and well structured and we look forward to having him back next year.

Feedback from members was great so happy days



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Martial Arts Breed Violence?


Martial Arts Breed Violence, this is something we hear a lot.

martial arts breed violence

Often dad brings the kids along and raises concerns that mum believes Martial Arts Breed Violence.

It’s simply not true, ok there might be a small percentage of children that confuse the message early on. Though with good coaching this will be dealt with quickly, and yes, of course, there is always the exception.

Psychopaths make up 1% of the population so knowing that, one in a hundred, well maybe Military school ASAP.

Martial Arts Breed Violence – Play Circuit

Dr. Jaak Panksepp, a neuroscientist, psychologist and psychobiologist Order Xanax Pills Online about the importance of play. He discovered the motivations that the play circuit develops in kids and adults.

Some believe this work to be so important a discovery that the Nobel prize is fitting.

Martial arts develops the play circuit in children and adults. Rough and tumble play clearly defines the differences between aggression and assertiveness. While playing, supervised as in a martial arts classroom setting. Or alone with friends, an extremely important distinction. Children learn what boundaries are acceptable to the group and what is aggression and what is assertiveness.

Martial Arts Breed Violence – Ethics

Play also develops ethics. Martial arts develops ethics and fair play. Games, the classroom, the dojo. Well, there are rules, mostly unspoken otherwise the academy would be wall to wall posters and rules and that’s not much fun for anyone.

Over time the rules of the group, the culture become clear. People that don’t abide by the rules or ethics generally are not accepted into the group. We do get a few of these in the club every now and then, they simply find another club where their behaviour is acceptable, and that’s how society functions.

From street gangs to Olympic teams, the culture of the group dictates.

Martial Arts Breed Violence – Nonsense

No, is basically the answer to “Do Martial Arts Breed Violence”?

But we get it, on the surface, it can appear as if it does.

Remember – It’s better to be a warrior in the garden than a gardener on the battlefield. 



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Mum Knows Best

Or Does She?

There’s a lot of pressure with kids these days for parents to get everything perfect. Relax, the good parent fails and everything will turn out ok, No one knows best.

The Overbearing Mother, what kid would want to leave home if its made of sweets and everything is done for them? There’s a reason she’s a witch you know..

Mum Knows Best – Responsibility

One of the things you can do that is indisputable and of huge benefit for all is this

Give your kids more control over their own lives, this is without a doubt one of the most important things you can do. Responsibility breeds confidence and the feeling of autonomy is empowering for children.

It shows you trust them to make their own decisions, now you, of course, need to lead a little

Mum Knows Best – Consultant

We’re not talking handing over complete control here. As parents you give guidance, explain the negatives and positives in the different choices available. The ultimate decision should be the kids, and of course, a five-year-old will require a different approach than a hormonal teenager.

The evidence is in and the same applies to kids with ADHD and the wide range of disorders that are ever increasing.

Mum Knows Best – Anxiety Made Worse

It may feel like the right thing to do to protect kids with anxiety a little more than is usual. This can be the single worse thing you can do. It’s well studied, documented and agreed in virtually every profession worth its salt. That over protecting children with anxiety leads to far worse anxiety that can lead to depression and worse.

Overprotecting kids can cause anxiety as it can be interpreted by the child as mistrust. They feel they have no control which is a huge contributing factor to anxiety and depression

Mum Knows Best – Lack Of Control

Think about it, when you feel you have little control over external circumstances it’s somewhat worrying, even frightening. Now think how a ten-year-old or a fifteen-year-old feel. They are going through important brain development stages. They are fantastic at noticing behaviours and such things as control by parents but they are terrible at interpreting them.

Now add the amygdala response feeding cortisol into the system as they feel a lack of control, all this during serious brain development stages.

Mum Knows Best – Don’t Panic

Don’t steal responsibility from them, you won’t be around forever. Or worse, you will be.

“They come to this planet through you, though they are not …….” your’s”

They own their own lives, their problems are their own, control is an illusion.

If this subject fascinates you as much as it does me then here is a great book, to begin with


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Muay Thai Seminar

Saturday 16th June 2.30pm

Matt Chapman is back to deliver his Muay Thai system

Those of you who attended his punch power seminar need no introduction.

Matt is a fantastic well rounded martial artist with knowledge beyond his years

  • The seminar is 2 hours
  • Seminar costs £20
  • Book your place in advance
  • No pay on the day

Matt has written books on MMA, Kickboxing and has a hugely popular online training course in the striking arts Mitt Master

muay thai seminar

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Brave Kids

Brave kids, It’s less common to hear these days but an old known fact “Make them brave, not safe” is making a come back.

brave kids

Brave Kids- The Law

UTAH in the US has just passed a new law making it legal for parents to allow their kids out alone.

Let me repeat that. It’s now legal in UTAH to allow your kids to walk to school or play out on their own.

Why I hear you ask was it ever illegal?

The last few decades we have been guilty of wrapping our kids in cotton wool and its having negative social effects as well as mental health effects.

I’ll be writing in more depth about that this year as ive been deep in study covering this subject and i have a lot to say.

Brave Kids – Illusions?

Making kids safe is an illusion or at best massively misunderstood. For example, why did injuries in car accidents go up when baby seats were made law?

It is of course instinctive to make them safe but we do it at a cost. I’m not talking taking stupid risks here. Wear a helmet on your bike and be sensible, but take risks, you have to take risks.

We have thousands of stories and classic literature warning us of the dangers of the overbearing parent. There are fantastic tales with archetypal characters that represent the human psyche. The world is full of these stories, from Disney to Buddhism the warnings are there.

Brave Kids – Build them

So finally in UTAH, parents can let their children walk to school without being arrested. This shouldn’t be news, this shouldn’t be happening. The fact that it is, happens to be both good and bad. Good its happening, bad it ever was.

I wouldn’t normally post an advert, I despise most marketing (except my own) but this video has a great message


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Shadow Training Martial Arts

Ways to train – Shadow Training Martial Arts

Shadow Training Martial Arts

Shadow Training Martial Arts – Introduction

Last week we discussed flow drills, this week we’ll look at shadow training. An important part of martial arts training, well not just martial arts. Many other sports and high achievers use this method of training. Some were doing so several hundred years ago.

If you’re interested in the history of martial arts and combat then check out this. Written by a Miyamoto Musashi who retreated to a cave in 1643 and wrote The Book of Five Rings, a manifesto on swordsmanship, strategy, and winning for his students and generations of samurai to come, he created one of the most perceptive and incisive texts on strategic thinking ever to come from Asia.

Its a wonderful timeless book and he incorporates shadow training into his regime. Now he won 400 or so sword fights so im trusting it as a valuable tool on that alone. But seriously, science has this backed up and well proven these days.

Shadow Training Martial Arts – Why we do

Shadow training develops the mind, you can shadow train calm, slow and methodical like a Tai Chi master. Or you can go full blown Tyson, who was incredibly intense with his shadow fighting.

Video linked below, i’ve linked a video of myself too so you can see my style of shadow training for self defence.

Your mind does not know the difference between shadow training and the real thing. You are building the neural pathways while doing so. Do this enough and do this well. Then come the fight or sparring session your brain thinks you have been there many times before.

Shadow Training Martial Arts – It’s not easy

Now if you are not such a visual person its not so easy but still worth while. Olympic athletes and professional sports people from bob sleigh to formula 1 use this method in their training. 

It’s a damn good work out too, no excuses either. No training partner? No problem, put a pad on one hand and a glove on the other and go mental for 2 minute rounds. You will be on your knees gasping for air if you give it all. 





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