Laser Beam Focus

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Laser Beam Focus

Mental Strength

Laser Beam Focus at Function First Lincoln

Laser Beam Focus

Focus and attention play a huge part in martial arts. When someone is moving around in front of you throwing kicks and punches it pays to be in the moment.

The mind is a tricky little thing though before you know it, there it goes. Thinking about PS4 or whats for tea.

Laser Beam Focus – New ways we have been working it with the kids

So in our kid’s classes, we have been working with some new simple techniques to improve focus. Into laser beam focus of course.

Thes can be used at home by the parent for two minutes at a time twice a week. We noticed almost instant results. Though saying that it is something that should be done with persistence. Over many years if you really want a warrior mindset

  1. Simply get a meditation bell (follow this link) Now sit down with your child, eyes closed. Ring the bell and when you can’t hear the bell any longer raise your hand. You can stop the bell ringing at different times. Or let it fade away naturally. This really does focus the mind and you can do it along with your child. Hey, you might feel the benefits too. Actually, let me rephrase that. You will definitely feel the benefits if you do this.
  2. Get a cushion, lay down and put it on your child’s belly. Instruct them to breathe in and move the cushion up, breath out and bring it down. Repeat, do this twice a week for two minutes at a time. Breathing techniques are at the heart of martial arts and meditation. Breathing helps you control your power, emotions and resistance to strikes. Join in with your kids, as with exercise 1 you will benefit from this enormously.

Laser Beam Focus – In a crazy distracted world

Just a few minutes a day can have a profound effect. In todays world the skill of controlling the mind, not being distracted. Well, I think we all know, Facebook, Twitter and on and on it goes.

Theis is not wishy-washy hippy nonsense. The studies are out, they have been confirmed by science and millions of people worldwide.

Look after your mind because the revolution is internal

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Boxing Classes Lincoln

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Boxing Classes Lincoln

At Function First

Boxing Classes Lincoln – Official UWCB trainers

Boxing Classes Lincoln – Money Raised

So were in our 3rd year with the white collar events and what a pleasure it’s been.

The organisation is close to raising £10,000,000 Ten Million pounds for cancer research UK. Function First Lincoln has raised over £50k so far

Since starting with the UWCB we have added specific boxing classes Lincoln to our timetable. They are turning out to be a huge success

Boxing Classes Lincoln – Competing

We are building our boxing fight team slowly but surely. As with everything Function First, we are in no rush. We play the long game, and those who stick around win.

Boxing classes lincoln

Boxing Assessments

We recently had our first boxing classes Lincoln assessments. Where new members covered basic punches and covers for the first 3 months

Progress has been solid and we are really happy with the boxing crew, a great addition to the club

Boxing Classes Lincoln – More Classes added soon

As boxing classes Lincoln are filling up quickly. We will be adding a Saturday morning class soon so keep tuned to find out when.

We have lots of students crossing over into Self Defence to MMA to K1 and Grappling. Now, of course, the boxing.

It’s been an interesting experiment because of course there are things you can get away with in boxing. Like weaving, for example, boxing you can get down there at low risk. Do the same in MMA and you take a knee to the face.

So those who wish to purely box are coached a little different than those who cross train

Boxing Classes Lincoln – Cross Training

So with lots of members cross training. We are really having to pay attention to who is doing what and making sure we’re not coaching bad habits.

It’s a challenge, and we like those so all good here in the FF ranch

If you’re interested in trying our boxing classes. Give us a bell and have a free trial to see how you get on.

Were not a fighters club, meaning if you simply want to punch pads and sweat. That suits us as much as it does you. Of course, if you want to fight, then simply turn up, train hard.

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MMA Lincoln

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MMA Lincoln

Function First

MMA Lincoln where the revolution is internal

MMA Lincoln 

In the late 1990’s I was cross training in kickboxing, traditional Jiu-Jitsu and Keysi Fighting method which on its own was a mixture of arts. I was introduced to something called Vale Tudo by my good friend Tony Davis who around that time was travelling far and wide to train with little-known fighters such Antônio Rogério Nogueira.

Since them what we now know as MMA has completely transformed and exploded into the mainstream with such epic theatrical productions such as the Connor McGregor vs Mayweather fight. This fight is reported to have generated around $400,000,000 that’s half a billion nearly which I hope you agree is insane.

MMA Lincoln Fight Team

At Function First MMA Lincoln we entered the arena in 2000 and had some fantastic fights. Stu Smith one of our coaches won his first amateur fight in Peterborough and the following few years we learnt some important lessons and gained some valuable experience.

mma lincoln

Stu after his first win

MMA Lincoln Journey

In our early days, we used to teach all the groundwork, takedown and striking in a one-hour class. But soon realised that regular students making it in two nights a week were struggling to pick up the work. So after some deliberation, we split classes into striking and grappling, MMA Lincoln.

It worked out better than we expected. Students that could only attend two nights a week could now train one hour in our striking class and one hour in our jiu MMA Lincoln class and the results spoke for themselves.

It also meant we had students who preferred the striking and those that enjoyed the grappling more. So we catered for those people also

MMA Lincoln Process

So within the first two years, our striking classes bred two K1 Titleholders and several solid fight team members. Starting at interclubs and working up to the bigger shows.

We are now building a solid fight team though it’s worth mentioning. We are not what I would call a fighters academy. Most of our students train for fun and fitness and the multiple benefits of martial arts. Both off the mats as on the mats.

Our fight team make up around 10% of our members. That seems a great balance at this point in time.

So hopefully be seeing you on those mats soon



Martial Arts Gradings

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Martial Arts Gradings

Testing Times

Martial Arts Gradings Are Goals

Goals Motivate

Motivation breeds persistence & consistency

Persistence & consistency breed excellence

Martial Arts Gradings – Goals Are Key

If you’re not familiar with the Tim Ferris podcast and you are interested in excellence and patterns of the successful, then I recommend checking him out.

He dissects world class sports people, chess champions, billionaire business people to actors artists and writers. As we know measures of success are subjective, though it does appear that there are some things that nearly all successful people do consistently, and one of those things is goals.

Martial Arts Gradings – Outliers

Now as with everything there are outliers that don’t fit and in fact, go completely against the grain. But we won’t focus on them in this article on martial arts gradings.

So in the hundreds of hours and interviews dissecting world-class performers, goal setting appear over and over again.

Goals give you something to aim towards, like the holiday you are going on and want that tan or six-pack before you go. Or the wedding coming up and you want to fit into that dress. These are all goals and in fact, they are goals with a specific date and time. which to some people are quite stressful.

You can also have fluffy goals with a looser date and time. These are not such a specific target that can be shifted so not so stressful. So you could aim to lose between 1-2 kg by the end of June to July giving you some slack and taking the stress out of it.

Martial Arts Gradings – Off the mats as on the mats

Martial arts gradings are goals. They have a specific date with certain skills that need to be met, though these are different for each person. We are all different and express our movements differently, a good coach understands this. We’re not churning out replicas and killing creativity and self-expression here.

So the grading process and goal setting mindset in martial arts help in other activities, life, work off the mats as well as on them. You are developing a mindset, a goal-setting mindset and as we now know, 90% of highly successful people set goals.

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Self Defence Classes Lincoln

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Self Defence Classes Lincoln

Self Defence Classes Lincoln – Realistic Self Defence

So what is realistic self-defence and who says it’s so?

I hope we would all agree that self-defence for the modern day street is not the same as it was 300 years ago. Basic combat principles remain I believe but the society has shifted somewhat over the century’s as has the environment.

Martial arts have evolved over the centuries and in the last few years with the emergence of MMA some would argue that they have evolved more in the last 10 years than in the previous 300. Like I say, some would argue so keep your lid on.

Self Defence Classes Lincoln

I myself have been studying self-defence for many years now and most of that journey was alongside the founders of the now dissolved Keysi Fighting Method. They were amazing years and the training answered the questions I had based upon my experiences of street fight’s, shootings and knife attacks during that time in my life. Many of you who know me or have read my articles in Martial Arts Illustrated or followed my blogs know some of my story.

Self Defence Classes Lincoln

Now what became apparent to me some years ago was with the rising popularity of MMA your average person studying Martial Arts was becoming proficient very quickly. The MMA style of training meant that the work was pressure tested on a daily basis. As I became more involved in MMA and organised our own shows and attending others I also saw a new breed of fighter. Some of those training and competing in MMA were fighting on shows on a regular basis. Some even competing Friday and then Saturday on another show. Back to work Monday and the gym Monday night, next weekend do it all again. One guy who competed on our show jumped out of the cage, put on his shirt and went to work like he’d just been to the gym on a treadmill.

Now I’ve always known there are people out there who just love to fight, that’s not my point. What I noticed is there are now lots of people out there who love to fight and can fight, and the numbers are growing rapidly.

Self Defence Classes Lincoln

During the following years I trained and studied with good friend Tony Davis in MMA. When I started teaching MMA it was purely for the sport application and the love for competition. What I also realised was I developed a much healthier outlook on life and my training due to the style of training and the humbling experience of failing a lot on the mats and getting tapped out repeatedly. Remember I came from a pretty hardcore lifestyle, living with the travelling community for over 20 years. Involved in serious violent situations for many years then straight into KFM. There ensued years of hardcore realistic study of how to smash and destroy everyone and everything. That’s all I did, I had no job and plenty of time. All I did was train and study violence and violent people after living with them for so long I guess you could say there wasn’t much Yin In my Yang. Don’t get me wrong, it was awesome but now at my age? I guess I’m chilling out a little.

Self Defence Classes Lincoln

Over the years as my skills developed and my ability grew I became disillusioned with the pure self defence style. I began to notice areas especially the ground that were seriously underdeveloped and not understood

When does pain meet its limits? At what point does causing pain to your opponent fail you?

Simple, when it doesn’t hurt them, from my own experience pain doesn’t really play a part in the fight when it’s for real. I have been beaten unconscious by a gang of men before, I woke up fighting and got beat unconscious again. I felt nothing.

Experiences like that and then my study of the arts confirmed my beliefs, you need to understand how to deal with people who are bigger, stronger and do not feel pain and the only way other than the cop out eye gouge argument or use a weapon is. Learn BJJ or no gi or wresting etc.

Self Defence Classes Lincoln – Sparring?

Do not misunderstand that last statement; I do not believe BJJ or any other ground-based sport to be adequate for multiple attack situations. If that were true then pure BJJ guys would dominate the MMA scene without studying other striking arts. What I am saying is ground movement from these arts is essential to become a well rounded fighter

We have also all heard the stories or seen the footage of BJJ guys tapping out much larger opponents over and over. Not down to brute force or strength or relying on pain (much) but through superior posture and structure and securing position with incredible movement and technique.

As I’m always being told by my grappling coach. “Position before submission” well the same applies to applying devastating strikes on the ground. Secure the position first, otherwise there gone.

Self Defence Classes Lincoln

I always came across the same response from people in the self-defence world when I posed question like.

“If you don’t know putting your arm in the wrong place means your opponent will break it in seconds. “

The answer,

“Yeah but that’s sport and were street and if he does an armbar in the street he’s an idiot because blah blah blah.”

“Yes I reply, but he’s an idiot who just snapped your arm because you gave it to him due to lack of knowledge”

“We don’t study the sport because its sport” was the answer. Even worse on many occasions I was told “They need to worry about us, not the other way around”

Self Defence Classes Lincoln – Delusion

It was such a deluded mind-set and arrogant. I’d watch people putting themselves in compromising situations where even a novice fighter would snap an arm or choke them out in seconds, over and over again without realising it. But everything is ok because we don’t have rules so we can do what we want seemed to be the ultimate answer to everything.

We have all met or heard this I believe“I don’t train the ground because I don’t fall down, I don’t go to the ground”

Now we all know this is delusional beyond belief, I mean you are in fact a walking miracle if you have never fallen over in your life. Saying we don’t study this or that because its sport is no different and if you find your self thinking that or being taught that, get out of there or keep a clear mind and cross train.

I loved my pure self defence years, they were crazy and intense and I learnt so much, my life changed for the better and I regret nothing. I do now realise something now though. Self defence answered my questions in the beginning, answers to some life threatening situations and violence, but it stopped answering them in certain areas like the ground. As I became a more proficient fighter and I saw the modern day martial artist and street thug adopt a new style of training and pressure testing it daily, fighting for fun, for real and regular.


The enemy is changing and your style of training needs to keep up with what’s out there. If its art for art’s sake then good for you and whatever makes you happy. But if you’re studying for reality then the question should be.

What is reality?

Do some research, talk to door supervisors to see what common changes they have seen in the last few years. Watch CCTV footage from the many streaming sites out there. Think about a 20 year old juiced up young man who from the age of 12 has been following UFC, fights for his local club, trains hard and loves to ruk on a Saturday night on the streets if he’s not got a legal fight. Ask yourself, really honestly do you believe in your training? Now there are 2 of them and they mean it, do you still believe in your training?

Now all that being said, have some fun and get more from your art than just kicking and punching.

Heres a good read on violence from Sam Harris – The Riddle Of The Gun


Kickboxing Classes Lincoln

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Kickboxing Classes Lincoln

Mixed Martial Arts

Kickboxing Classes Lincoln

Even before the UFC popularized footage of men using martial arts techniques to bloody their opponents, the idea that martial arts might promote violence has been a major concern for people looking to get involved in kickboxing. It made sense to believe that in educating their students on how to punch and kick effectively, martial arts instructors would be implicitly teaching that violent behavior is acceptable and that being skillful at hurting others is even praiseworthy. Some parents and teachers worry that children who train in martial arts will be encouraged to use the harmful techniques they learn to hurt and bully other children. This long-held belief has prompted multiple studies on the effect that training martial arts can have on the aggressiveness of young children, and the results of these studies may surprise you.

Kickboxing Classes Lincoln

Instead of showing martial arts to have a negative effect on the violent tendencies of children, studies have consistently pointed to a reduced, rather than a raised, level of violence among children who train in these kinds of combat sports. One of the first studies carried out on the effect that martial arts training has on aggression was performed in 1981 by Dr. Nosanchuk. This researcher found, much to his surprise, that the longer a person had been training martial arts, the less aggressive they tended to be towards others. [i] This study was followed in 1986 by a study entitled “Martial Arts Training: A Novel “Cure” for Juvenile Delinquency,” By Michael E Trulson. Which concluded that the traditional elements of the martial arts training, including meditation, philosophy, an emphasis on respect, and memorized forms called katas, had a positive effect on at-risk youth who might otherwise be prone to aggression.

Kickboxing Classes Lincoln

The study demonstrated, among other things, that students who participated in the traditional martial art of Taekwondo for six months showed “decreased aggressiveness, lowered anxiety, increased self-esteem, [and] increased social adroitness” in comparison with students who participated in a regular exercise program that did not include martial arts training. The students in the exercise program, in fact, showed no significant improvement when it came to reducing their aggressive behaviors or increasing their self-esteem and social skills.

Kickboxing Classes Lincoln

Based on the results of the aforementioned studies and multitude of other research papers on the topic, some elementary schools have recently attempted to implement martial arts training as part of their school curriculum to try and cut down on the amount of bullying among their students. A 2008 study analyzing the results of one such program confirmed some of the earlier conclusions made about martial arts classes in previous articles. This study, entitled, “Effects of Participation in a Martial Arts- Based Ant bullying Program,” showed that third to fifth-year boys who participated in more sessions of their schools’ martial arts-based anti-bullying program were reported to have a lower frequency of aggressive behaviour as well as a higher frequency of helpful behaviour towards victims of bullying. The study attributed this change in the boys’ behavior to the way these classes taught “empathy, self-control, and peaceful strategies to resolve conflicts.

Kickboxing Classes Lincoln

It is natural for young boys to exhibit an increased level of aggression as they get older, but martial arts can help eliminate some of the more negative forms of aggression by providing an appropriate outlet for the children’s anger and hostility. Instead of hitting classmates on the playground or getting into fights with their siblings, growing boys can redirect their feelings of aggression by hitting punching bags or sparring with classmates in a controlled manner. Sparring with other martial arts students may seem to encourage peer violence in an age group that is already prone to hostile behaviour, but according to Jamie Seabrook author of “Martial Arts Revealed, Benefits, Problems Solutions” “When an instructor emphasizes respect and courtesy towards his students, sparring actually teaches students self-control and humility. Students learn to not swing wildly but to hit with only limited contact.”


In other words, martial arts helps students to become masters of their own natural aggressive tendencies by teaching them how to handle their bodies in a controlled manner. Having better body awareness and a sense of control over their own aggression helps students to eliminate inappropriate violence towards others.

Kickboxing Classes Lincoln

Kickboxing classes Lincoln can also help reduce violence among children by instilling a sense of confidence in them. Children often fight because they want to feel powerful or prove themselves in some way. Being able to command and manipulate other children through aggression and intimidation helps young boys especially to feel more in control of their surroundings when they are suffering from feeling helpless or weak. Very often, however, this kind of violent behavior only serves to decrease the confidence of the victim of the aggressive child without significantly increasing his own. Training in combat sports, on the other hand, increases a child’s level of confidence by increasing his awareness of his inner power and strength and providing him with skills that make him feel safer and more in control of his own person.


This prevents the child from feeling the need to get into fights with other children in order to mask an underlying sense of insecurity or powerlessness. When children gain empowerment through martial arts, they become better equipped to avoid their “tense, defensive reactions to pressure and conflict which so often only create more violence” and to walk away from conflict instead of further aggravating a situation. This renewed sense of self-control and confidence, therefore, decreases a child’s tendency towards violence and teaches him to step away from his habit of fighting to direct his energy towards more worthwhile pursuits.

Kickboxing Classes Lincoln

Hopefully, now that you have seen the evidence, you are convinced that martial arts training does not lead to the increased levels of aggression that some have mistakenly associated with it. But along with ensuring that your child does not hurt others, you also want to make sure that he is not going to hurt himself. A common misconception parents tend to have about martial arts classes is that they have a high rate of injury and are therefore dangerous for children to participate in. When parents envision children punching and hitting each other in class, it is understandable that they become worried about their children’s safety, but the reality is that children are much more likely to hurt themselves while rollerblading than they are by participating in a martial arts class. In 2003, the Scottish Medical Journal published an article in which they analyzed the number of sports injuries seen in children in the Accident & Emergency Department of a certain hospital over a three-month period of time.

Kickboxing Classes Lincoln

According to this article, a large majority of the sports injuries observed were obtained by children while playing football or rollerblading, with rugby, basketball, and school physical education also causing a fair amount of damage.[vi] Out of the two hundred thirty-eight sport-related injuries treated at the hospital during the time frame of the study, only two per cent were a result of martial arts training. This is less than half the amount of injuries that occurred as a result of ice skating or cycling, both of which are activities that most parents would feel completely comfortable allowing their children to participate in.

Kickboxing Classes Lincoln

Children training in organized martial arts programs are under the strict supervision of their sensei and his or her assistants, and in striking sports, they are usually required to wear protective gear that helps prevent injury. A retrospective study done on children and adolescents who participated in a karate class found that of the sixty-eight students surveyed, none had received injuries critical enough to inhibit their participation in the class for any period of time. Twenty-eight per cent of these students sustained some kind of minor injury while training, but these injuries consisted mostly of bruises with only a few students obtaining minor sprains and strains.[vii] The conclusion of this study was that karate is a safe sport for children to participate in as long as the proper protective equipment is worn and the children are adequately supervised.

Kickboxing Classes Lincoln

The perceived violence and danger of martial arts have also added to another misconception about the sport, which is that it is not an activity for girls. The idea is that because girls are not naturally as aggressive as boys, they will not be interested in a sport that involves punching, kicking, and wrestling. This mentality has unfortunately prevented many girls from becoming involved in an activity that has as many, if not more, benefits for them as it has for their male peers. Parents tend to enroll their sons in martial arts classes more frequently than their daughters, and even when girls do participate in combat

[i] Nosanchuk, T. A. (1981). The way of the warrior: The effects of traditional martial arts training on aggressiveness. Human Relations, 34, 435 – 444.

[ii] Trulson, M. E. (1986). Martial arts training: A novel “cure” for juvenile delinquency. Human Relations, 39, 1131 – 1140.

[iii] Twemlow, S., Biggs, B., Nelson, T., Vernberg, E., and Fonagy, P. (2008). Effects of participation in a martial arts–based antibullying program in elementary schools, Psychology in the Schools 45(10), 947-959.

[iv] Seabrook, Jamie A. Martial Arts Revealed: Benefits, Problems, and Solutions. New York: IUniverse, Inc, 2003.

[v] Aikido Association of America. “About Us.” 2010.

[vi]Boyce, Stephan and Quigley, Micheal. “An Audit Of Sports Injuries In Children Attending An Accident & Emergency Department.” SMJ 2003 48(3): 88-90

[vii] Zetaruk, M N, M A. Violan, D Zurakowski, and L J. Micheli. “Karate Injuries in Children and Adolescents.” Accident Analysis and Prevention. 32.3 (2000).



Human Connections

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Human Connections Martial Arts

Human Connections Martial Arts – Babies die without touch, even with good nutrition and we lock criminals in a room alone away from murderers and rapists as punishment.

Human touch has profound effects on our well being and psyche. In bizarre experiments first recorded in ancient Rome by Emporer Frederick. Babies were isolated without touch or communication to see what language they would speak. Frederick believed we were born with a pure language built in, the children all died

King James of Scotland a few hundred years later repeated the experiments, the results were the same

Human Connections martial arts 

In Victorian England, child mortality was extremely high, disease obviously played a part in this. Though the orphanage’s of that era meant children were left alone with no love. No cuddling and little human connections which are believed to of played a big part in the high death rates.

So why am I rambling on about this seemingly morbid subject?

Banana dog. He Likes Cuddles

Human Connections And The Martial Way

Martial arts by nature force us, kids and adults, into intimate human connections. Now I know people are not dying from neglect these days, well in Lincoln anyhow. That’s not my point, the benefits of human connections martial arts are huge.

It’s been proven that human connections martial arts help with depression. It can even ease pain.

In our martial arts classes like our Ju Jitsu, you spend a few hours a week grappling and rolling with other people. Now there are no studies into this that I know of so I’m making assumptions and leaps of faith based on studies in other areas.

I truly believe the effects of grappling and Ju Jitsu and Martial Arts, in general, have profound effects over time. Subtle in the moment but nonetheless important human connections martial arts

I also believe it’s one of the reasons people stick with martial arts, even if they don’t realise it themselves. The euphoric feeling after a class is a combination of intense physical activity, human connections. The competitive pressure, mild suffering, living in the moment forgetting about the outside world for a few hours a week. These things are important and the latter is why monks sit in isolation for decades. This state of mind is difficult to achieve. The fact that most adults even when they have never met before give their training partner a hug when training finishes says a lotI i think

Human Connections martial arts

The fact that most adults even when they have never met before, give their training partner’s a hug when training finishes says a lot I think.

Strangers hugging, what kind of hippy commune is this?

Human connections for children means they grow up well adjusted, it too has been studied and children who don’t or cannot play together develop a whole host of issues in later life. Sadly the side effect of some ADHD drugs which reduces the way children interact and play.

Sparring in our classes forces human connections in a healthy interactive fun exhilarating way, both adults and kids benefit from this type of interaction

Well there’s my hippy ramblings, see you on those mats for some cuddles and parents,

We Need Your Support






Martial Arts Lessons Part 1

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Martial Arts Lessons

5 Biggies

Martial Arts Lessons Ive learnt on the mats that have had a profound effect on my life

Martial Arts Lessons 1/ Emotion

Learning to control my emotion on the mats has had profound effects off the mats in my daily life. When sparring and your opponent has the better of you there are two major choices 1/ Get mad and respond with anger or 2/ Stay calm, work out how you got there and try not to let it happen again. When you have been training this for years it’s second nature. Instead of reacting to every drama out there, you see things with a new calm perspective

Now simply apply this martial art lesson to arguments, Facebook attacks, finances and so on.

Martial Arts Lessons 2/  Debate – Go ahead punk, change my mind

When I walk onto the mats I’m an open book, ready to learn, unlearn and relearn. If you’re tapping me out I’m not just resisting the truth and denying whats happening. I’m listening to whats happening and how it happened and I’m learning to adapt and evolve my game. This means accepting new ideas and ways of doing things.

Now transfer this martial art lesson into your next Facebook argument or debate with a friend. Do not enter like a politician firmly fixed and immovable forever defending your idea. Let a better idea take over, adopt it, grow and evolve. Enter with this mindset “Go ahead punk, change my mind”

Martial Arts Lessons 3/ Living in the past

When rolling in Ju Jitsu and ive taken my opponent to the mat with a leg reap. There is a point I need to let go and let gravity and the energy do its thing. If I hold on in some cases it makes it much worse for me, I’m living in the past, I should have let go. There are times when we need to hold onto the past and times to let go. One can lead us to submitting our opponent with a beautiful armbar and one can lead us into being arm barred. Know when to let go.

Living in the past can be like walking through treacle, it’s sometimes useful of course though many stay attached to negative emotions for many many years, learn to let go.

Martial Arts Lessons 4/ Goal setting – Motivation

Having goals helps measure growth in skills and performance as well as something to aim for. Martial arts gradings are a series of goals structured over a 25 year plus syllabus. The early stages are every three months giving students clear goals and skills to develop. This, in turn, motivates people to achieve set goals and builds the habits of virtually every successful person on this planet.


Martial Arts Lessons 5/ Here Now

Martial arts helps develop a mind that remains present, focused and sharp. When performing high-intensity sparring or pad drills, you are forced to stay in the moment. A momentary lapse and drift into whats on TV later will lead to a short sharp shock in the form of a glove on your nose. You can have a truly awful day, stress, work, finances etc. When you get on those mats the world melts away and you are in the moment, all that exists is right here right now.

Life is like a sausage machine, you get out what you put in. 


Revolution Is Internal




Be First

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Be First & Be Last

What Madness Is This?

Be First, It’s a mindset, it’s a disciplined mind.


Discipline is king.

Be First – An Example Of How To Develop This Mindset

In out kettlebell classes currently, we are working Tabata protocols
10 minute warm up
3 minutes intense workout
1.30-minute active rest
Repeat x 5

Now what happens, what is common is this. The bell goes to begin the round and I look around to see a few people holding out before they grab them bells and embrace the suck

This is a mindset that leaks into every single thing in your life. The mats are a microcosmos, they are a reflection of who you are and you cannot hide. Not here, not at Function First, because we are here for you and we will never ever let you choose the path of procrastination.

Be First It’s a fight – Life’s a Fight

So apply the combat rules to all areas of importance to you, Be First Be Last. When the bell goes during kettlebell you’re attacking the routine. Imagine it’s actually a fight, you can’t chill out for twenty seconds then cruise into the round. I imagine an opponent running across the cage and a flying knee coming towards my face.

Keep developing this mindset, do it now. It’s like a muscle. Be first, the more you work it the stronger it becomes.

When the bell is coming up to stop, don’t focus on stopping. Focus on getting more out, rinse the round, squeeze every last ounce if can do out of your body

Be First – Prioritise 

Yoy don’t want to be like this with every single aspect of your life, that would be a bit much. So pick the things that matter to you. Attack them with this mentality, this is one element that leads to mastery

For example, if in your kickboxing class. Your coach has explained the technique and off you go. Now you can cruise into the drill or you can apply fighters mindset, be first.

Do the maths. You first to start and last to stop in every class. So in a one hour class, you get 50 more reps in of a technique.

50 reps in one class multiply by 100 means 5000 reps more in one year if you train twice a week. Now do that for 10 years, that’s 50,000 reps more, now that’s where mastery lies, you were first and last, it’s a mindset. No secrets, just hard work and a disciplined mindset. Be first.

Life is like a sausage machine, you get out what you put in.

Revolution Is Internal


First Aid Certification

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Emergency First Aid Certification Course

Tuesday 8th August 9 am – 4 pm

Emergency First Aid Certification Fully Accredited 


Who is this for

1/ Parents
2/ Coaches, our club and others. Legalise your coaching
3/ Students
4/ Basically anyone who wants to do it

How Much?



At Function First Lincoln

This is Full certification in emergency first aid


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