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Christmas Orders & Offers

We have some super cool custom made kit now in stock, we are really happy with the quality and safety aspect from the shin guards. So not only do you look good, you are safe.

We are offering 10% discount on Christmas bundles

Bundles can include any items in the shop or special order items with a total value over £100

  • Kit bags to carry all you gear and keep it safe
  • Heavy bags for home training
  • Function First limited edition adult t-shirts

Stocking fillers in stock

  • Pro Gumshields, Pro gel hand wraps, nunchuks, ankle wraps, knee gel protection.
  • More just ask we can get most kit


Look after you kit and keep it all in one place

Look after you kit and keep it all in one place

Adults..New price for crimbo £32.00 for shorts and £32.00 for rash guards  KIDS £23.00 for shorts

Adults..New price for crimbo £32.00 for shorts and £32.00 for rash guards
KIDS £23.00 for shorts

Tough Tough leather shin guards. Cadet to adult £39.00

Tough Tough leather shin guards. Cadet to adult £39.00

Winter is here, keep your feet warm with these wrestling boots. Safe to train in for you and your partner, no scuffing the matts so happy days all round.

Winter is here, keep your feet warm with these wrestling boots. Safe to train in for you and your partner, no scuffing the matts so happy days all round.

Whatever you want we can get (almost)

Whatever you want we can get (almost)



Comp team

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Bringing Home The Medals

Oh! and a disqualification

Well another great outing for the team.

Dom took the gold in the strike and grapple

Rob took silver in the strike and grapple

Mike took Bronze in the strike and grapple

Alfie got DQ’d in the kickboxing, unfortunately Alfie kicked his opponent’s legs after a warning.

1798989_10203371075661817_770276120_o 1891487_10203371081621966_1775246493_o

So a nice range of medals all the way to a DQ,


One Stage Of Learning The Arts

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It’s All Working Fine

Oh Hang On, Its Not Working Against Beginners


So depending where you are on your journey that headline will or might not make sense.

I’m going to talk to you as if you have experienced this feeling and if you haven’t then keep reading it will help when the moment arrives, and it will.

kickboxing classes lincoln

It goes like this, training is going well, you feel like your getting to grips with it and like you can get some of it to work with your training partners. In sparring/grappling your finding your thing and you keep getting a few of your mates with it, happy days.

Then one day a complete newbie comes in, can’t tie his/her laces, got the Gi on back to front and put the focus pads on their feet, ok you get my point. So you partner up with them and the usual timings and energy your used too all of a sudden feel awful, you cant seem to hit the pads well and even worse in sparring you can’t do your thing. To add insult to injury the new dude has caught you twice or pinned you and you cant escape and now your ego hurts.

Then you start to question.

  • Can i really make this work?
  • Maybe it only works because my partners train like me
  • If it doesn’t work on a beginner how can it work on someone in the street in self defence?
  • If it only works on people who train then what?
  • He doesn’t do what he should do , oh dear.


We all feel this at some point in our journey, it’s normal.

Think of it like this.

If you were in a car race and the guy in the car next to you is a newbie, he’s had 2 classes, he can’t take corners well, didn’t know how to control the clutch for an optimum start, was cluncking through the gears (yep this is a retro VW Golf MK 1 race day) he even turns around and goes round the track the wrong way thinking he’s winning or out smarting you and so on, you get the idea yes?

So the race begins and you have been training for a year or more, how do you think you’ll do in reality against this zebra (got bored of guy, dude, man)

Well hopefully you’ll kick his arse, i mean be careful, not cocky and never under estimate your opponent and all that jazz but you should really have the advantage.

The Reality of the fight is not training

Now in the training arena all these things are hugely important, your partner needs good timing on the pads or in sparring. This helps you develop your skills to a higher level, i mean you get good by training with people better than you. Not training with people with no timing or co ordination and so on. Its sort of obvious but this point still eludes us when our ego takes a bashing.

The car racer that goes round the track the wrong way is the antelope your trying to do a technique to, who goes all limp and just lies flat and rolls onto his back.

They don’t quite get the game yet.

The energy, movement and game plan of a higher level monkey isn’t there yet so it all feels weird and awkward and your cool stuff isn’t working. He’s missing his gears and taking the corners wide, brake’s coming on hard on the bends and so on.

On the mats your sort of co-piloting, you need to make adjustments for them to help them grow.

But don’t get depressed or upset, it’s all part of the journey.

Train thousands of reps and train with people who have better timing, people who give you great energy and move to the next logical position/s,  and ok maybe some weird whacky unorthodox stuff from time to time. But that only really comes with the basics learnt well while keeping good posture and base all the time, they will help sharpen up your game no end.

But it’s important to train with the newbies, were all newbies to someone, i need someone to come down to my level to help me grow and the beat goes on.

Peace and training folks



Healthy Living Is Killing Us All

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Living Longer?

Is that the point?

Ok so given the choice most of us would like a few more years on the planet.

A recent conversation got me thinking about this and it seems its a common thought and almost a Nelson (Ha Ha Simpsons) style attitude towards those of us who choose a healthy lifestyle.

The conversation got round to “well you might eat healthy but a smoker might live longer than you” and on it went.

Well yes, i might die tomorrow, in fact while writing this i could die as could all of us, possibly die of boredom reading it too but hey that’s death for you.

So here’s why i do what i do and im not alone. I eat and live healthy because it makes me feel amazing, alert, engaged in life and full of passion for what i do. The quality of my life is as good as can be i rekon.

I experiment with food, last year i tried eating no carbs in the day and only a few in the evening, this year i had zero carbs 6 days a week and loaded on the 7th and currently im experimenting with eating eggs and going gluten free. Now i have not eaten eggs in 29 years and im finding it more difficult than i thought. Psychologically that is, i just find the idea repulsive but i will do it and in 3-4 moths time i will have lived on a gluten free diet that includes eggs.

Water is vital to your recovery from a martial arts workout


Because i measure my performance, i monitor my ability to think and work on projects, i monitor how i feel when i wake up and how i sleep, do i need more or less sleep to operate at my best and so on. Can i work out harder and longer, how do i recover how do my muscles react and on and on.

Most people that enter into this conversation with “yeah but blah de blah” have usually eaten the same food they ate when they lived with mum, their diet is not really something they think about and they feel like they feel and dont know any different. This is how i feel now so this is how i will always feel.

SO, how did you feel when you were 15 years old? Remember the energy, remember the enthusiasm for life and pretty much everything? Ok some of us were moody teenage goths sat in dark rooms getting paler by the day but some will know what i mean.

Do you feel that same energy now? If not then why not?


Have you experimented with any aspects of your diet and stuck with it to see how you feel?

I had to recently advise one of my coaches to stop drinking coffee and cut down on sugar. I could see the early warning signs of stress and anxiety, well in fact it was very clear to me what a toxic diet he was on and what it was doing to his well being. 2 weeks later and he looked and acted like a new man, felt great and hasnt touched the poison since.

I recently bumped into an old friend who stopped smoking and has taken up fitness, he was so happy. He told me how he now loves spending time with his kids and how he really wants to get up out of bed and get on it. Before he said it was all a drag, a stress and an inconvenience. Now thats a life changing experience for a a whole family because one man stopped drinking as much, stopped smoking and started getting fit. Thats pretty amazing.

So if i live a few extra years or die now, thats not really why i do it and neither should you. If we do live longer than great but we’ll never know why we did or if we did. Do it because you will live life fuller and with passion. Do it because your family deserves the best you that can be and because you deserve to be the best you that you can be.

Peace and all that jazz



How to Use Cornering Techniques to Your Advantage

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How to Use Cornering Techniques to Your Advantage

There is a skill that few martial artists possess. This would be the art of dealing with cornering. Cornering is when an assailant tries to get you sandwiched between him and an object. In doing so, your ability to escape is limited and you lack the space needed to defend yourself. Well, this might be the case if you have not been trained to deal with such a scenario. The truth is, it might be easier to deal with being cornered than you realize.

A simple drill to deal with cornering

self defence lincolnHere is a very easy drill to employ to work some of the attributes of defending yourself when cornered. Simply shadow box elbow strikes without performing any footwork whatsoever. You are basically a statue from the waste down and from the waste up you are working your elbow combinations. Again, this is just a drill and you would not want to fight like that in a truly serious scenario. In real life, one or two elbows could be used to set yourself up for an escape from cornering. However, you have to be versed in how to deal with elbows in tight corners. This simple drill can help slightly with that.

 Among the best ways to learn how to deal with objects or tight corners would be to simply borrow a few training methods from combat sports. In MMA (Mixed Martial Arts), fighters have to deal with being pressed up against a cage all the time. In kickboxing, the fighters have to deal with corners. Getting stuck up against a cage or in the corner is not exactly a lot of fun. There are ways out and ways to defend. If there wasn’t, MMA and kickboxing would be very dull sports to watch. Thankfully, techniques for dealing with cornering in the ring or cage have been developed. Such techniques can be easily modified for use in a serious combatives scenario.

Cornering tweaked for self defence

Again, there will be a need to tweak the techniques because the scenario and the situation will have changed. Sports based techniques have certain aspects to them that are born of the environment they are intended for. The tweaking for self-defense may be little more than a few minor alterations, but these changes will have to be made. The environment is different so this will need to be addressed as well.

The way to do this is not hard. All you have to employ would be different training strategies. Sometimes, the differences entail doing little more than making minor changes.

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The Odd World of Strange Grappling Moves

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The Odd World of Strange Grappling Moves

There are certain grappling moves to beware of. No, this is not an inference to the more dangerous moves such as heel hooks and neck cranks. On second thought, you DO have to beware of those moves and curtail their use. Most schools will have an outright ban on moves of that nature so we do not have to worry too much about practicing them. Schools will not have a ban, however, on moves that can be deemed utterly ridiculous and useless. And oh yes, there are quite a number of grappling moves of that nature.

There are a few categories in which the more ridiculous moves fall under. The first would be moves that simply are so low in percentage they could never work.

Low percentage grappling moves

The history of the martial arts is rife with some odd grappling moves.

 In the late 1980s, a number of grappling videos were released to capture the slowly growing market of students interested in BJJ. Many of these videos came out at a time when people were not familiar with the common ground positions of the standard resistance someone will feel when attempting to apply the move. In short, you end up with a few remnants of this lower percentage moves still floating around and they are best not trained too often. You never know. You might be able to use one now and then. However, they are not the high percentage moves that should be worked on a great deal.

Now, there is also (sadly) a way to undermine the effectiveness of moves that are very high percentage. Yes, an armbar and a triangle choke can be made decidedly less effective than they should be. How this occurs is when they are connected to a sequence that just has too many moves. In truth, it would not be the arm lock or the choke that is ineffective. The setup and the entry into the choke would be the flawed elements ruining the effectiveness.  Cutting down all the extra moves is a must in order to make the technique work. Be mindful of the fact that the more components there are to a move, the more opening exist for a counter. If it takes three moves, there are three points in which to escape before the submission is sunk in. If there are 8 moves, well, that is quite a long path before the submission is sunk. A host of opportunities are open for the individual to actually escape.

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Recovering After your Martial Arts Workout

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Recovering After your Martial Arts Workout

A lot of time, effort, and study is put into how to perform during a martial arts class. This is definitely a good thing. You do want to be prepared and to be in great shape when you attend your classes. However, you also will be required to put some time into thinking about what to do after class. Even a moderately paced martial arts workout can be a little testing for the body. When you have finished with your session, you will need to do what is required to properly recover after the workout.

Invest in your Martial Arts workout recovery

Not everyone puts much thought into recovering from their workout. They simply just look forward to the next class. There is definitely nothing wrong with this attitude, but it is also well advised to also invest time in making sure you do what is required to aid in your body’s repair of muscle tissue and to replenish its lost nutrients.

Good nutrition helps recover from your Martial Arts workout

Good food = good martial artsNutrition should not be ignored after a Martial Arts workout. When you are investing time in a high intensity cardio workout, lot of vitamins and minerals will need to be replenished. There are quite a number of nonstimulant workout recovery drinks which can do this. Beware of the sugar content on some of those drinks though. You ideally would want to keep refined sugar low. Others may suggest going the natural route and simply eating an orange as this fruit is considered perfect for recovery. A bit of protein in the form of chicken or brown rice is helpful. The key here is you want to add some carbs to your system so you have energy and you need the protein to rebuild and repair the muscle tissue stressed during the class.

Water is vital to your Martial Arts workout recovery

Water is vital to your recovery from a martial arts workoutYou definitely will want to drink some water after having worked out quite intensely. Sweating means you will have lost quite a bit of water during your workout. Martial artists surely need to replenish that water or else you will end up feeling dehydrated. Then again, you won’t just feel dehydrated. You probably will be dehydrated.

Give your body ample rest after the workout to recover. Rushing into the next workout without taking time out to help your body heel a bit can be the path to injury. If you feel excessively sore, you are going to end up in even worse condition if you do not take time out before the next workout session.

Recovery is a very important component to your martial art training. Never skimp or avoid doing what is required to properly recovery from your workout session.

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Cut Out Unnecessary Motions to Make your Martial Arts More Successful

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Cut Out Unnecessary Motions to Make your Martial Arts More Successful

One of the most common ways to make a martial art decidedly less effective would be to add unnecessary extra motions. What would be the best way to define an extra motion? Basically, this would be any type of motion that does not contribute to economy of motion, and slows down the ability to actually deliver an effective offence.

 The problem here is that there will also be times when movement is required. For example, when someone is charging on you and a kick would be a preferred technique, you might not be able to kick from where you are. You might have to move in order to deliver the kick. Would this be unnecessary extra motion?

It may or it may not be. There are certain factors that come into play when trying to define whether or not it is extra motion.

What is unnecessary motion in martial arts?

If you move  two feet out of the way of an incoming attack, you may be moving far too much. Six inches or so may have been enough. The extra movement is exactly that. It is extra and it is unnecessary. Intelligent martial arts training and working on improving distance would cut down on any excessive movement.

Over time, as your skill develops even further, your martial arts skills will allow you to have greater timing, speed, and overall attributes. This could lead to you being able to perform that kick without sidestepping at all. A common misconception about cutting down on unnecessary motion is that it must start on day one. This likely is not possible.  A beginner can only do their best based on their current level of martial arts skill. With good commitment, that skill level will improve to the point of smoothness, and a sense of logic will lead to cutting down on moves that are not necessary.

Of course, training methods will also play a critical role in whether or not the student will be able to avoid performing a lot of unnecessary movement. Martial arts training methods that put an emphasis on the volume of techniques will never aid someone looking to cut down on the amount of movement required to perform a technique in the simplest and most economical manner.

This is a critical point because simplicity and economy of motion are the only way to make techniques work in both sport martial arts and self-defense.

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Improving Your State of Mind Thanks to Training Martial Arts

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Training martial arts will improve your state of mind

Training martial arts will always have a number of positive benefits. Virtually everyone realises and agrees that training martial arts can be quite good for self defence. Others will be quick to point out that training martial arts will contribute to improvements in health and fitness. There is another area of improvement that can sometimes be overlooked. This would be the mental health benefits that can be gained from training martial arts.

Training martial arts can help relieve this feeling.

The notion training in MMA, kickboxing, or a traditional martial art could lead to improvements in mental health might seem more than a bit “out there”. It may be easy to assume someone is suggesting that studying a combat sport or learning self defence can easily replace serious therapy with a health care provider. No one is suggesting training martial arts are the sole way to treat a major psychological problem. However, the arts can be effectively used to create more peace of mind and enhance a positive mental state.

We know this because they have been doing so for centuries.

Training martial arts for stress relief

The easiest way this can be seen is how training martial arts can be a great stress releaser. No one likes to deal with pent up stress from work or other responsibilities.  Getting away from it all even if it is only for an hour or two can have a positive impact on your state of mind. Hitting a heavy bag or getting a really good workout in can definitely burn up a lot of stress in a good way. We all know that some of the ways people deal with stress are neither positive nor healthy, such as possibly drinking alcohol or smoking. Training martial arts offers a much better alternative.

Training martial arts takes your mind off things

The martial arts can also get your mind off of things that may be troubling you even after you leave the dojo. Thinking about your training or reading a book on the subject contribute to thinking about positive things. This would certainly be preferable to just wallowing on things that are neither positive nor helpful.

This is not to suggest the martial arts should be used for the purpose of permanent escapism. That would be a very self-defeating venture. At some point, you do have to take time out and deal with your responsibilities and sources of stress. Doing so at the proper time is recommended. Training martial arts can give you a reprieve until that time.

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Insights and Tips for Sparring in the Martial Arts

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Get the most out of your sparring

Sparring is something taken very serious by those that are equally serious about their martial arts journey. Sparring might not be everything there is to the martial arts, but it is definitely a major part of the learning process. Whether you are training for competition, for self-defense or even personal development, you want to be sure your skills at sparring are at  solid level.

Questions do arise among martial artists regarding safety and sparring. While many would like to spar, they will be concerned about suffering any potential injuries. These concerns are not the result of being overly cautious. It is definitely important not to get hurt in sparring because doing so will undermine any benefit you are seeking from a sparring session.

Simple rules to sparring safely

To be sure you get the most out of your sparring, you should follow a few basic rules:

  • SparringAllways have the proper safety equipment. A mouthpiece, knee pads and a groin protector will be a must for any sparring whether it be standing or on the ground. Errant injuries can occur when you do not have these basic pieces of equipment in place.
  • When you are performing boxing and kickboxing sparring, you definitely will want 16oz boxing gloves, headgear, and thick shin guards. For those sparring MMA style with MMA gloves, be very careful as these gloves do not offer a lot of protection.
  • Where you spar is equally important when safety is concerned. You need an environment that is safe for sparring. A boxing ring, a cage or a Judo/BJJ mat are designed for the safety of the practitioners. Training in the local park might be fun but you would be taking quite a few safety risks in such an environment.
  • Train under adequate supervision. When you are new to sparring or are a relative beginner in the martial arts, you will best served sparring while an experienced expert is watching. This will boost safety levels immensely.
  • Only train with partners that are considerate and conscientious. It would not be of any benefit to train with people that can present a safety risk to you. Such people have no place in the dojo.
  • Train slow and in a controlled manner. This will reduce injury potential immensely. Being reckless in sparring is a very, very bad idea. Always spar in a manner that enhances safety. Do this at all times!

Sparring safely and effectively in the martial arts is not hard to do. Just following a number of common sense tips will ensure you achieve the desired results.

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