Boxing Classes Lincoln

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Boxing Classes Lincoln

At Function First

Boxing Classes Lincoln – Official UWCB trainers

Boxing Classes Lincoln – Money Raised

So were in our 3rd year with the white collar events and what a pleasure it’s been.

The organisation is close to raising £10,000,000 Ten Million pounds for cancer research UK. Function First Lincoln has raised over £50k so far

Since starting with the UWCB we have added specific boxing classes Lincoln to our timetable. They are turning out to be a huge success

Boxing Classes Lincoln – Competing

We are building our boxing fight team slowly but surely. As with everything Function First, we are in no rush. We play the long game, and those who stick around win.

Boxing classes lincoln

Boxing Assessments

We recently had our first boxing classes Lincoln assessments. Where new members covered basic punches and covers for the first 3 months

Progress has been solid and we are really happy with the boxing crew, a great addition to the club

Boxing Classes Lincoln – More Classes added soon

As boxing classes Lincoln are filling up quickly. We will be adding a Saturday morning class soon so keep tuned to find out when.

We have lots of students crossing over into Self Defence to MMA to K1 and Grappling. Now, of course, the boxing.

It’s been an interesting experiment because of course there are things you can get away with in boxing. Like weaving, for example, boxing you can get down there at low risk. Do the same in MMA and you take a knee to the face.

So those who wish to purely box are coached a little different than those who cross train

Boxing Classes Lincoln – Cross Training

So with lots of members cross training. We are really having to pay attention to who is doing what and making sure we’re not coaching bad habits.

It’s a challenge, and we like those so all good here in the FF ranch

If you’re interested in trying our boxing classes. Give us a bell and have a free trial to see how you get on.

Were not a fighters club, meaning if you simply want to punch pads and sweat. That suits us as much as it does you. Of course, if you want to fight, then simply turn up, train hard.

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