Cardio training for martial arts

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There will always be questions that arise regarding how important cardiovascular conditioning is to martial arts training. For those that are competing for a fight, the answer is cardio work is enormously important. This is certainly true and reflects advice that is well worth taking. That said, there is a somewhat troubling assumption that comes out of hearing such an assessment. Namely, people assume if they are not training for a competition, they do not need to worry about their cardio work.

This really is not the best attitude to take for two reasons:

  • The better your cardio is, the more enjoyable you will find your classes to be.
  • The better your cardio is, the healthier you will be.

Battling RopesHowever, it would be accurate to say you do not need to really put in the full amount of cardio work that would be on the same level as a performance athlete. A significantly high level of endurance is not required to get through the average martial arts class. The intensity level of such a class is not really that high. Here is a true fact for those whose cardio might not currently at the level they want: a martial arts class is a cardio workout. That means you will be improving your cardio and conditioning as you attend classes regularly.

However, you just might be struggling right now. You may be new to the classes or you might have had a layoff from training for quite some time. Regardless of the reason, it is well advised to take a few simple steps to improve your conditioning. This way, when the time comes to take your class, you will be in good shape and condition.

How to improve your cardio fitness

The way to improve your conditioning is not all that difficult. You just need to perform some basic cardio work for 20 minutes a day for about three days a week. Obviously, this will not turn you into a cardio dynamo. However, you will see your endurance levels improve dramatically. Running, jogging, jumping rope, and step aerobics can all contribute to enhancing your cardio for your martial arts class.

Once your cardio improves (and it will with consistent effort), you will discover getting through your class is easier and the class itself becomes a lot more enjoyable. You won’t be able to improve in the arts if you do not enjoy your sessions. Investing time enhancing your cardio will ensure your workouts are always positive and eventful ones. Even a little bit of cardio work can go a long way.

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