Close-Quarters Combat for Martial Arts

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Close-Quarter Clinch in action

Close-Quarters double clinch in action

The value of close-quarters fighting

Those that have mastered the art of close-quarters combat will quickly point out they gain an edge in MMA and street self-defence. The value of close-quarters (clinch range) fighting is enormous and it can provide a great edge to many fighters. However, there are martial artists that prefer to stick with kickboxing and grappling in their training. While there is nothing inherently wrong with such an approach, those that do not work close-quarters fighting find themselves possessing an overall game that is not completely developed.Close-quarters fighting strategies have many benefits to them. Once you take time out to examine the benefits, you quickly realize why training close-quarters/clinch tactics is advised.

The weapons that can be employed in a close-quarters fight are enough to end a fight quickly. Knees and elbows are common in a sportive environment. These tools can be employed in a self-defence environment along with the equally devastating technique of a headbutt.

Grappling can be performed from close-quarters. Those that tie up in a clinch can control an opponent and segue from controls to a throw or a takedown. To put someone on the ground really places the individual in a bad situation. That is why it can be considered a wise strategy. This then brings us to our next point about close-quarter combat.

Skill in close-quarters does not only enhance your ability to take someone down. It also enhances your potential to avoid being taken down. Controlling an opponent in a close-quarters situation means you have the potential to nullify many of their takedown attacks.

Close-Quarters from back

Close-quarters from the back

In addition to being able to stop takedown attempts, close-quarter clinching can be used to control someone that is trying to strike you. You will see this in any boxing match. However, the rules of boxing prevent any offensive actions from the clinch. Obviously, you cannot throw or use headbutts. In a self-defence scenario, you might be legally allowed to do so.

Not very many people understand how to fight in a close-quarters environment. While many will flail around in this range, only truly trained martial artists and fighters has solid skill in close-quarters. Therefore, this becomes a very powerful range for them.

Close-quarters combat is also very low maintenance. That means you do not need a lot of strength of stamina to be effective in this range. As long as you have a number of high percentage offensive and defensive tools, your game likely will work for you. In fact, it just might work very well.

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