Dealing with Weapons: A Critical Aspect of Martial Arts Training

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The truth about weapons

One very popular aspect of self-defence training would be the ability to deal with weapons. While learning such tactics is popular among would be students, the truth is most of their impressions about weapons are based on what they have seen in the movies. While it might seem easy to disarm a knife or a gun in a film, that is because the scene is choreographed. In other words, it is not real. There are certain factors that must be understood about dealing with weapons. These factors would be you will be at an enormous disadvantage when dealing with weapons. Attempts to engage an assailant that has a knife or a gun can lead to being severely injured or even killed. Therefore, a more judicious approach to dealing with the weapons must be used.

Movie style weapons

Weapons –  types of predator

First, you must understand there are two types of predators that will try to use a weapon. These would be the resource predator and the process predator. The resource predator. wants something from you. The process predator. is someone that is interested purely in committing acts of violence.

Dealing with the resource predator generally means you are dealing with a thief or someone that wants property. While a violent person, the resource predator may only be interested in using a threat to get what he wants. In other words, he may draw a knife or a gun, but he is only interested in, say, your money. Once you hand over the money, he will leave knowing the longer he stays where he is, he runs the risk of being caught or getting into a confrontation. When you can diffuse the situation by giving him what he wants, you increase your chances of survival. Trying to engage him likely will cause the situation to get worse.

Weapons and the resource predator

The resource predator is a far more dangerous animal. Worse yet, you may have no other option other than fighting him even if he has a gun or a knife. The resource predator is the rapist and the murderer. He will try to kidnap a victim, move the person to a new crime scene or tie others up. Obviously, you cannot allow this to happen. Escape is certainly the better option, but if you cannot escape you have to fight. Improperly fighting an armed assailant is not going to end well.

Therefore, you have to train with someone that does really understand what is required to engage a weapon. There are realistic and serious ways of doing this and these tactics are taught by those martial arts instructors that are highly skilled at what they do. Look for a legitimate personal defence instructor when wishing to learn about the weapons defence aspect of martial sciences.

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