Kickboxing Lincoln

Beginners Classes Available

Kickboxing Lincoln can be found residing at Function First on Dixon Street opposite Lidl Supermarket

Kickboxing Lincoln Classes

So Our Kickboxing Lincoln Beginners Program

First of all you will cover Year 1 the fundamentals

  • Covers & striking while focusing on correct posture and mechanics
  • Specific target’s for strikes
  • Agility work hence rapid ballistic movement
  • Skill development drills
  • Pad handling basics, an almost forgotten art

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The aim of FTX kickboxing Lincoln is to get the student comfortable with the major strikes while developing movement patterns. While at the same time all work is aimed at striking and defending with blocks to body and legs, therefore, developing a well-rounded game

Kickboxing Lincoln  TIMETABLE

  • Fat burning while smile inducing
  • Less stress and anxiety in daily life
  • Confidence Building
  • Improved Flexibility while energy levels boost
  • Focused Self Discipline

Kickboxing Lincoln

You won’t find a friendlier club and you won’t find better facilities in Lincolnshire, our classes are popular with both male and female of all ages shapes and sizes.

No egos and nothing to prove, if you can walk a flight of stairs and count to three your good to go. Most of all, everything we do is to improve well-being and enhance your existence on this planet for the brief time we are here

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We have specific classes for beginners

Our Kickboxing Lincoln classes are divided into 

  1. Technical Classes. This is where you will study the stand-up game. High energy fast paced classes, lots of pad work covering combat essentials
  2. Sparring classes. These are suitable for everyone. Because we are here to make you rather than break you. Nothing to prove but a massive amount of fun to pressure test your training and as a result build confidence in bucket loads.

Probably the the only way to see if were for you is to come along and try us out for free.

Kickboxing Lincoln


We’re on Dixon Street Lincoln. Huge safe lit car park, fantastic full-time facilities

Call 01522 543 787 to book your free trial

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