Function First Fight Team

This Is How We Do It

Function First Fight Team – Super Simple

Function First Fight Team

Our Model Is This

Once you have achieved all the criteria below on this page we invite you onto the fight team training camps

Now unlike most other clubs, this is not something we charge extra for, we do not ask you to pay when you have shown true commitment.

We reward hard work and loyalty, WHY? Because we value these attributes and consider them vitally important to navigate life with integrity.

Function First Fight Team – No Pressure

Firstly, we do not pressure anyone to join the fight team. We are simply here if you wish to join. When you feel ready just speak to one of the coaches. They will put your name on the list and then you do the following.

Function First Fight Team – Choose the art

Of course, you need to be clear what you wish to compete in. When you are clear about your goals.

Function First Fight Team – The process

  1. Train train train and train
  2. Attend all regular classes
  3. Join the sparring classes on Monday & Wednesdays
  4. Take advantage of the open mat on Saturdays and train with others who wish to be part of the fight team
  5. We put you up for some small interclub competitions
  6. We all see if you wish to continue after your first loss
  7. If you do, were on the right track

Function First Fight Team – Pushing a piece of string

The rest up to you, we don’t chase people up or hassle you.

If your not training we do not put you on any shows to represent us.

We have 13-year-olds who compete, they train 6 hours a week and have done for several years, enough said.

Action not words – Makoto

Function First Fight Team – When will I be ready?

The only way we can ever know if you are ready to compete is if you do all of the above.

We watch you in sparring and we can see all we need to see.

If your not pressure testing your work then we cannot let you compete

You also need to the fitness levels to complete all 3 rounds

All training is free, our gift to you for what we consider to be important values in the world. 

  • Train Hard
  • Consistently
  • After a couple of small interclub’s
  • If you wish to continue we upgrade you into the fight team free training program
  • Your regular membership payments remain the same

We recognise hard work and commitment and we do not charge you for working hard, we give back. This is a two-way thing.

That’s all folks, see you on the mats

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