Gradings Dec 2014

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Grading Goodness

Saturday & Sunday

6th – 7th December

Time to celebrate our achievements

Time to celebrate our achievements

Lincoln List Below, Retford & Louth to Confirm. We will update the list soon.

As always, if we have missed you off the list or spelt your name wrong then please let us know.

You’ll all be getting your grading letter/invite but get these dates in your diary and until then train hard and have fun.

KEY To list

** = Low attendance, may need to make up a couple of classes

*** = Vipers that have moved up to cadets and have been re assessed


  • Josh Miller will be grading for his Black Belt Stage 1 FTX
  • Maxwell Wall blue grade FTX
  • Max Szydlowski FTX
  • Abbi Roberts Blue grade FTX
  • Christan Bruce Brown stripe 2 FTX

KRAV MAGA 3.30pm Sunday 7th December

  • Julian Sowden – Blue Stripe
  • Paul Taylor – Blue stripe
  • Gary Murray – Purple stripe
  • Alex Wilhelm – Red

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Screenshot 2014-11-07 16.02.17Screenshot 2014-11-07 16.02.27Screenshot 2014-11-07 16.02.33Screenshot 2014-11-07 16.02.42Screenshot 2014-11-07 16.02.54Screenshot 2014-11-07 16.03.00Screenshot 2014-11-07 16.03.06

Screenshot 2014-11-07 16.16.44

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