Heading Which Way

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Heading Which Way

Heading Which Way – We are strange complicated creatures us, humans

Heading Which Way

We go to see our doctors when ill but only 60% of us take the pills prescribed. Out of that 60 %, most take them badly, finish the course to soon, drink alcohol on them and so on.

Its well documented that many people waiting for a liver transplant will not take the pills required for the body to accept the new liver. Think about that, they have been waiting for a donor and going through the blood cleansing process of dialysis. Yet when an organ turns up many don’t take the medicine required for the operation to be successful.

Heading Which Way – What is it?

We will queue up in a supermarket to buy cigarette products we know are killing us. To make it worse the death we might suffer is graphically depicted on the packet. They roll up the shutter door and you can choose from lung cancer, mouth cancer or a stillbirth.

Now I’m no monster. I understand addictions to some degree.

I’ve lost a few friends growing up at a young age. My best friend died after years of heroin use, so did his wife and so did many of my others I know.

Heading Which Way – Cycles of destruction?

I have friends who watched their parents die from alcohol abuse, it tore them apart. Yet they continue the cycle. It seems having kids of their own doesn’t seem to be enough of a responsibility to snap out of a self-destructive lifestyle.

I’m not judging anyone here, it’s not fun watching your friends kill themselves. Which is why I chose another path away from those influences.

Heading Which Way – A way out?

You are either heading up or down, I guess its possible to maintain a state of being but I’d argue that’s going down. Down to hell or up to heaven the religious would say. Or if you would like to read some fascinating studies and thoughts on these subjects. Then check out Jordan Peterson, possibly the man leading the world in a philosophical battle of good and evil right now.

His new book 12 Rules for life – An antidote for chaos is a great read

Heading Which Way – Some thoughts

Some simple things he points out resonate with me such as

  • Is your life improving slightly day by day
  • Is your health, are you working on it
  • Your relationships too
  • Tidy your room, if you cant organise your room, then your house. Then how can you organise anything, anyone? How can you offer advice if you can’t keep your house tidy? I’ve oversimplified it, you really need to read it.


If the little things in your life are not improving. Let’s say they are getting worse. Like the washing up is piling up, your getting fatter, your health is deteriorating, your alcohol consumption is up and up.

Then you are on a downward trajectory

Heading Which Way

He goes into great depth on many subjects and he offers some solutions. This is not a preachy judgmental book. He has helped tens of thousands of people pull themselves out of hell and to walk tall with their shoulders back.

Heading Which Way – 10 % happier

We can all imagine our own version of hell. It’s easy to grasp awful ideas.

But we don’t know how happy and how much meaning our lives can have unless we aim towards it a little every day though.

You can improve every single aspect of your life, it just takes effort. Head up.

We’ll smoke the ciggies, we’ll snort the coke, we’ll drink until our kidneys hurt and we’ll do it all tucking our kids into bed.

Why do we find it so hard to eat well, sleep well, keep fit and engage in life?

Possibly because the effects are not instant and possibly because we are ashamed of ourselves?

“I wish you all a life free of unnecessary suffering and anxiety, a life full of love and compassion, joy and happiness, peace and calm and one full of meaning.”  Matt



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