Healthy Living Is Killing Us All

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Living Longer?

Is that the point?

Ok so given the choice most of us would like a few more years on the planet.

A recent conversation got me thinking about this and it seems its a common thought and almost a Nelson (Ha Ha Simpsons) style attitude towards those of us who choose a healthy lifestyle.

The conversation got round to “well you might eat healthy but a smoker might live longer than you” and on it went.

Well yes, i might die tomorrow, in fact while writing this i could die as could all of us, possibly die of boredom reading it too but hey that’s death for you.

So here’s why i do what i do and im not alone. I eat and live healthy because it makes me feel amazing, alert, engaged in life and full of passion for what i do. The quality of my life is as good as can be i rekon.

I experiment with food, last year i tried eating no carbs in the day and only a few in the evening, this year i had zero carbs 6 days a week and loaded on the 7th and currently im experimenting with eating eggs and going gluten free. Now i have not eaten eggs in 29 years and im finding it more difficult than i thought. Psychologically that is, i just find the idea repulsive but i will do it and in 3-4 moths time i will have lived on a gluten free diet that includes eggs.

Water is vital to your recovery from a martial arts workout


Because i measure my performance, i monitor my ability to think and work on projects, i monitor how i feel when i wake up and how i sleep, do i need more or less sleep to operate at my best and so on. Can i work out harder and longer, how do i recover how do my muscles react and on and on.

Most people that enter into this conversation with “yeah but blah de blah” have usually eaten the same food they ate when they lived with mum, their diet is not really something they think about and they feel like they feel and dont know any different. This is how i feel now so this is how i will always feel.

SO, how did you feel when you were 15 years old? Remember the energy, remember the enthusiasm for life and pretty much everything? Ok some of us were moody teenage goths sat in dark rooms getting paler by the day but some will know what i mean.

Do you feel that same energy now? If not then why not?


Have you experimented with any aspects of your diet and stuck with it to see how you feel?

I had to recently advise one of my coaches to stop drinking coffee and cut down on sugar. I could see the early warning signs of stress and anxiety, well in fact it was very clear to me what a toxic diet he was on and what it was doing to his well being. 2 weeks later and he looked and acted like a new man, felt great and hasnt touched the poison since.

I recently bumped into an old friend who stopped smoking and has taken up fitness, he was so happy. He told me how he now loves spending time with his kids and how he really wants to get up out of bed and get on it. Before he said it was all a drag, a stress and an inconvenience. Now thats a life changing experience for a a whole family because one man stopped drinking as much, stopped smoking and started getting fit. Thats pretty amazing.

So if i live a few extra years or die now, thats not really why i do it and neither should you. If we do live longer than great but we’ll never know why we did or if we did. Do it because you will live life fuller and with passion. Do it because your family deserves the best you that can be and because you deserve to be the best you that you can be.

Peace and all that jazz


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