How to Use Cornering Techniques to Your Advantage

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How to Use Cornering Techniques to Your Advantage

There is a skill that few martial artists possess. This would be the art of dealing with cornering. Cornering is when an assailant tries to get you sandwiched between him and an object. In doing so, your ability to escape is limited and you lack the space needed to defend yourself. Well, this might be the case if you have not been trained to deal with such a scenario. The truth is, it might be easier to deal with being cornered than you realize.

A simple drill to deal with cornering

self defence lincolnHere is a very easy drill to employ to work some of the attributes of defending yourself when cornered. Simply shadow box elbow strikes without performing any footwork whatsoever. You are basically a statue from the waste down and from the waste up you are working your elbow combinations. Again, this is just a drill and you would not want to fight like that in a truly serious scenario. In real life, one or two elbows could be used to set yourself up for an escape from cornering. However, you have to be versed in how to deal with elbows in tight corners. This simple drill can help slightly with that.

 Among the best ways to learn how to deal with objects or tight corners would be to simply borrow a few training methods from combat sports. In MMA (Mixed Martial Arts), fighters have to deal with being pressed up against a cage all the time. In kickboxing, the fighters have to deal with corners. Getting stuck up against a cage or in the corner is not exactly a lot of fun. There are ways out and ways to defend. If there wasn’t, MMA and kickboxing would be very dull sports to watch. Thankfully, techniques for dealing with cornering in the ring or cage have been developed. Such techniques can be easily modified for use in a serious combatives scenario.

Cornering tweaked for self defence

Again, there will be a need to tweak the techniques because the scenario and the situation will have changed. Sports based techniques have certain aspects to them that are born of the environment they are intended for. The tweaking for self-defense may be little more than a few minor alterations, but these changes will have to be made. The environment is different so this will need to be addressed as well.

The way to do this is not hard. All you have to employ would be different training strategies. Sometimes, the differences entail doing little more than making minor changes.

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