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Human Connections Martial Arts

Human Connections Martial Arts – Babies die without touch, even with good nutrition and we lock criminals in a room alone away from murderers and rapists as punishment.

Human touch has profound effects on our well being and psyche. In bizarre experiments first recorded in ancient Rome by Emporer Frederick. Babies were isolated without touch or communication to see what language they would speak. Frederick believed we were born with a pure language built in, the children all died

King James of Scotland a few hundred years later repeated the experiments, the results were the same

Human Connections martial arts 

In Victorian England, child mortality was extremely high, disease obviously played a part in this. Though the orphanage’s of that era meant children were left alone with no love. No cuddling and little human connections which are believed to of played a big part in the high death rates.

So why am I rambling on about this seemingly morbid subject?

Banana dog. He Likes Cuddles

Human Connections And The Martial Way

Martial arts by nature force us, kids and adults, into intimate human connections. Now I know people are not dying from neglect these days, well in Lincoln anyhow. That’s not my point, the benefits of human connections martial arts are huge.

It’s been proven that human connections martial arts help with depression. It can even ease pain.

In our martial arts classes like our Ju Jitsu, you spend a few hours a week grappling and rolling with other people. Now there are no studies into this that I know of so I’m making assumptions and leaps of faith based on studies in other areas.

I truly believe the effects of grappling and Ju Jitsu and Martial Arts, in general, have profound effects over time. Subtle in the moment but nonetheless important human connections martial arts

I also believe it’s one of the reasons people stick with martial arts, even if they don’t realise it themselves. The euphoric feeling after a class is a combination of intense physical activity, human connections. The competitive pressure, mild suffering, living in the moment forgetting about the outside world for a few hours a week. These things are important and the latter is why monks sit in isolation for decades. This state of mind is difficult to achieve. The fact that most adults even when they have never met before give their training partner a hug when training finishes says a lotI i think

Human Connections martial arts

The fact that most adults even when they have never met before, give their training partner’s a hug when training finishes says a lot I think.

Strangers hugging, what kind of hippy commune is this?

Human connections for children means they grow up well adjusted, it too has been studied and children who don’t or cannot play together develop a whole host of issues in later life. Sadly the side effect of some ADHD drugs which reduces the way children interact and play.

Sparring in our classes forces human connections in a healthy interactive fun exhilarating way, both adults and kids benefit from this type of interaction

Well there’s my hippy ramblings, see you on those mats for some cuddles and parents,

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