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Switching Bad Habits For Good Ones

Kickboxing MMA Habits and habits in life. We all have some bad habits, some with serious health implications like alcohol consumption seven days a week. Some not so bad, like leaving the toilet seat down, but we forgive you.

kickboxing MMA habitsIn this article, Kickboxing MMA Habits, I’m going to cover habits that have negative health consequences and how to build new habits that enhance our lives and in turn the lives of those around us.

Let’s stick with alcohol consumption as it’s so common and most of us can relate. We either know people who drink a lot. Or have done ourselves at some point. I could have chosen workaholic, drug use, computer game addict and so on, the concept remains the same.

Be clear, I’m not talking mental disorders or alcoholism. I mean if you put Special Brew on your cornflakes and have downed a bottle of whisky before noon. That’s a whole other issue.

But if you find yourself drinking too much, too often, eating rubbish and not moving your body much. You just bought slip on shoes because tying laces is a chore and bending down that far is nearly impossible because your stomachs in the way. Your body feels like Mr Burns off the Simpsons because of years of neglect.

YES, it’s you I’m on about, you can change. I did, and if I did, you can.

Creating Personalities – Kickboxing – MMA – Habits

Now I’m no psychologist, I’m mainly talking from experience, my own and others around me.

What seems to occur from many years of drinking alcohol (workaholic etc) on a regular basis is you create a drinking personality. You know you have when you decide to give it a break for a while and the inner conflict begins. You deserve this, you’ve worked hard, its been a good day, its been a bad day, and then finally, the oh sod it.

The personality you have created over many years is fighting for survival, call it an addiction if you like. Now, this personality can be swapped out for a healthier one, but if you want to make changes then you need a plan and you need to stick with it. You will also need support, this can be a tricky area. If you are a workaholic or drink heavily then no doubt your friends do too.

Hard To Swallow

One way to find out who has your interests at heart is to send out a text message. Explain you need to make certain changes and will need support.

Sometimes though the sad truth is, you have to change your social circle because like crabs caught in a net they will pull you back in when you try to leave. With the best intentions, but hey, the outcome remains the same. This requires the same approach as switching habits, trouble is it leaves most people feeling a little uncomfortable.

I had a friend who got himself a crack habit. He visited me one day with a huge rock of the drug. He said this “Ive come to get you a habit Matt because I can’t trust my other addict friends and I trust you”

Messed up eh, I swear on my life that happened. Bless him, he meant well, not a great outcome for me eh.

This Is How You Do It. (Well I Did) Kickboxing – MMA – Habits

You find something of interest, something that has interested you over the years. Of course, I like Kickboxing MMA Habits. If you are completely blank and can’t think of anything. Then simply Google, local activities, health clubs, martial arts, weight training, yoga, meditation and so on. Pick one and commit.

Now, here’s the secret if there is one. In my experience, this is where nearly everyone goes wrong. They start to big, too many classes a week, to high expectations and so on. It’s the reason virtually every new year’s resolution fails.

You Start Small- Kickboxing – MMA – Habits

If your 100 years old or physically restricted, you know weigh 30 stone, smoke 500 fags a day, start really really small, It can be something small like a 5-minute walk or 5 minutes of Yoga and 490 fags a day and lose 50 g of fat in 1 week

If you’re reasonably healthy set your goals a little higher but not to fail, something sustainable, even SAS soldiers have a certain amount of willpower, we all do, when it runs out it runs out, and we fail. 

Be Realistic – Kickboxing – MMA – Habits

So you have picked your thing, hopefully, Kickboxing MMA Habits at Function First. I keep trying eh. You’ve picked the thing that makes you feel better after doing it. It takes around three months to build a habit and if you have bad habits you’ve been absorbed in for ten, twenty years then be realistic.

Now, this is important, you slowly over time switch out the bad habits for the good ones. You do more and more of the good habit slowly over time. This way your body and mind adapt and accept the changes, the personality that craves the drink eventually craves the exercise.

Addicted to Health – Kickboxing – MMA – Habits

But aren’t you just changing what you’re addicted to?

Yep, and it changes your life doing so in ways that are unthinkable if you’ve been hungover for the last twenty years. Kickboxing MMA Habits create a sharply focused mind. 

Speaking from personal experience, the personality that loved a drink every night, because of course, I deserved one. That personality has faded away and has been replaced with a healthy personality. The inner conflict now is so much different. If I want to laze around on the sofa and watch a film, the inner voice will not leave me alone. I have to get up off my bum and get active, Kickboxing MMA Habits.

I’m also very aware of building negative thought circuits. When you make excuses not to do what needs to be done. You give yourself permission to slack off and that’s a slippery slope. It’s like telling lies, once you lie you have given yourself permission to lie again. The second time its easier to do so, eventually you have built the lying personality, or the lazy can’t be bothered or the let’s do this personality. You Decide Kickboxing MMA Habits.

You know you’re on the right track when your loved ones notice the positive change in you, your friends will notice, people will begin to comment.

Suffering & External Pressure – Kickboxing – MMA – Habits

So you switch out habits slowly over time and what happens is you find yourself doing the thing you love more and more. Maybe you don’t love it, maybe you don’t like it much at all. So what, is it getting you healthy and back on track? Maybe your not meant to enjoy it. Regardless, keep doing this until every waking breath is blissful, anxiety free and engaged. 

Suffering has a bad rap these days. It’s a vital part of life, overcoming resistance in the mind and doing what needs doing. Regardless of the weather, the tired achy body and so on. It’s important to push through these things. As mentioned a moment ago, your building the neural circuitry for a mindset.

It seems people think they have to enjoy absolutely everything they do. That’s just not realistic or true. Many honest professional athletes will admit how they hate getting up at 5 am. Hitting the road and running for an hour before getting to the gym. It’s the same for food, if you want a healthy balance diet you going to have to suck it up. Not everything that’s good for you tastes amazing. My BJJ coach John Will simply say “Embrace The Suck”

A great book on overcoming resistance in the mind is The War Of Art  by Steven Pressfield (Not The Art Of War, another amazing book)


First of all, you must want to change, identify what you want to change. Secondly, you pick an activity and start small. You build on it over time until life improves. Keep doing this until you find yourself in place you consider happy and healthy. You’ll gain new friends who inspire and motivate you.


I hope this helps. Whether you drink or whatever your vice, is none of my business and I’m not judging. This is merely my journey and experience, if you’d like to make changes, then you can. Just apply all of the above and you’re off to a good start.

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