Kids Martial Arts Lincoln

Kickboxing – Ju Jitsu – Self Defence

Kids Martial Arts Lincoln Classes can be found on Dixon St at the Function First Academy

kids martial arts lincoln
kids martial arts lincoln


PARENTS READ THIS – Our classes are seriously fun while process driven, structured and disciplined. We believe we are building mentally and physically strong people who can go out into the world with confidence and consequently given the tools to deal with adversity.

Come along for free and try a class to see how you get on, furthermore, we recommend trying a few other clubs to compare. Don’t go all impulsive on purchases now, because we’re here for the long haul, have a shop around.

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Discipline – Honesty – Respect at Kids Martial Arts Lincoln

  • Improved Confidence while getting fit
  • Improved focus due to the nature of training
  • As a result, character  development


Our Kids Martial Arts Lincoln classes

Are divided into age groups so your child gets the appropriate work

Classes cover – Kickboxing – Ju Jitsu – Self Defence

  • Little Vipers aged 5 to 8
  • Cadets aged 9 to 15
  • Family Class so parents can train with kids


Matt Frost Head Coach at kids martial arts lincoln is a published author on the benefits of martial arts for children. 

kids martial arts lincoln
kids martial arts lincoln

Kids Martial Arts Lincoln

Our kids martial arts Lincoln programs are focused on developing well  rounded individuals.

The best way to see if it’s for you and your children is to take up our free week’s training offer.

While your child tries out the classes we will show you our syllabus and leadership, nutrition programs and you can see the finest training facilities in Lincolnshire.

Your Support Is Vital

Whatever the reasons you or your child chose martial arts, be it confidence, weight loss more discipline etc. We need your support

Call Paula 01522 543 787

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Function First Martial Arts Lincoln

Call 01522 543 787 to book your free weeks trial.

You won’t be disappointed.