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Kicks In Self Defence

Traditional And Functional?

Self Defence Classes In Lincoln

self defence classes in lincoln

The technicalities of kicking and the value of said kicks to self defence is an unusual area. Many of those who have trained traditional Martial Arts and have trained kicks before are unsurprisingly protective of kicks, however is there enough value in kicks to warrant the untrained learning them?

Kicks can be functional, however it depends on the kick and it depends on the situation. At function first self defence classes in Lincoln we have built all of our self defence programs to cover the simplest and most functional kicks first. Within the chaos of the fight and in terms of integration with other attacks, simple kicks like direct, diagonal and oblique kicks fit in much better with the concepts of a realist street fight. However is there a place for kicks such as the round kick, side kick, back kick and the front kick, definitely, but later on in the programs, when the student understands how to enter off of the strikes, how to strike in multiple attacker situations and how to strike in a non-sport environment.

At Function First Self Defence Classes In Lincoln

we understand the value of kicks when used correctly.

When used correctly kicks can be a valuable addition to your arsenal however there is also the important question, where are you kicking? Are you going to kick someone in the head in a street fight? Well never say never, but bruce lee said “I would kick someone in the head as I would punch them in the foot”. This is of course just to high light the functionality or the strike in relation to the target, however of course you can punch someone in the foot, it all depends on the situation.

It comes down to the right knowledge for the right skill level and at

Function First Self Defence classes in Lincoln this is how we train you.

Do we start by teaching you to round kick someone to the head, no. At function first self defence classes in Lincoln we start by teaching you a direct kick to the shin, knee or foot. Why? Because its easier, simpler and therefore much more likely to work. When you have trained 10000 round kicks, will you be able to add them into you self defence training? Sure, why not, but just at the right point in the journey.

Thank you and forward the revolution.

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