Maintaining a Journal of Your Martial Arts Training

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Do you record your martial arts training?

Can keeping a journal of you martial arts training prove to be a wise idea for those interested in achieving their goals? It certainly would be more beneficial than not having one!

In all seriousness, keeping a journal is a worthwhile pursuit. Simply going to class and being in the moment will definitely help you develop a tremendous amount of skill. However, there is SO much material covered in class time over the course of several years, it would be next to impossible to remember everything that was taught. Consider this a good reason to keep a journal of your martial arts training.

Martial arts training journalThere are three major components to a journal:

  • Goals
  • Technical Information
  • Personal Reflections

This does not mean the journal is locked solely into these three components. You can add any other items to it you wish. These three sections are probably the most important because they cover the bulk of the territory found in the actual class sessions.

Martial arts training goals

Goals reflect what you wish to achieve in the actual class. Goals can be short term and long term. A simple short term goal would be to see your kicks greatly improve over the course of three months. Long term goals could be to place high or outright win a national tournament. Goals are important to write down and chart the progress of because when you have not given clear thoughts to your goals, you end up wondering more than a bit aimlessly without any direction.

Technical information in your martial arts training

The technical information section is important because you will learn a lot of material over the course of a single month of training. Imagine what you might end up learning over the course of five years. You would never be able to remember the bulk of the material which is why keepful a journal of all the technical material you learn in class is valuable. Who knows? You might end up with a near encyclopedia of information before your martial arts career is finished.

Personal reflections may be dismissed by some, but they really should not be. There will be quite a number of special thoughts that pop into your head during your training. If you do not get into the habit of writing these things down, you will end up forgetting them. Losing your many reflections about the art(s) you are studying would be a shame when all it may take is five minutes to type them up on your laptop. You may even wish to review these items one day when the time comes to reflect on your past experiences in your martial arts training.

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