Martial Arts Gradings

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Martial Arts Gradings

Testing Times

Martial Arts Gradings Are Goals

Goals Motivate

Motivation breeds persistence & consistency

Persistence & consistency breed excellence

Martial Arts Gradings – Goals Are Key

If you’re not familiar with the Tim Ferris podcast and you are interested in excellence and patterns of the successful, then I recommend checking him out.

He dissects world class sports people, chess champions, billionaire business people to actors artists and writers. As we know measures of success are subjective, though it does appear that there are some things that nearly all successful people do consistently, and one of those things is goals.

Martial Arts Gradings – Outliers

Now as with everything there are outliers that don’t fit and in fact, go completely against the grain. But we won’t focus on them in this article on martial arts gradings.

So in the hundreds of hours and interviews dissecting world-class performers, goal setting appear over and over again.

Goals give you something to aim towards, like the holiday you are going on and want that tan or six-pack before you go. Or the wedding coming up and you want to fit into that dress. These are all goals and in fact, they are goals with a specific date and time. which to some people are quite stressful.

You can also have fluffy goals with a looser date and time. These are not such a specific target that can be shifted so not so stressful. So you could aim to lose between 1-2 kg by the end of June to July giving you some slack and taking the stress out of it.

Martial Arts Gradings – Off the mats as on the mats

Martial arts gradings are goals. They have a specific date with certain skills that need to be met, though these are different for each person. We are all different and express our movements differently, a good coach understands this. We’re not churning out replicas and killing creativity and self-expression here.

So the grading process and goal setting mindset in martial arts help in other activities, life, work off the mats as well as on them. You are developing a mindset, a goal-setting mindset and as we now know, 90% of highly successful people set goals.

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