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An Apple A Day

martial arts in lincoln

Reach for an apple first – Martial Arts In Lincoln

When you are hungry, try reaching for an apple first. Why? Apples are healthy, filling, and quite handy in a rush. The average sized apple is about 85 calories, whereas the average fast food burger is about 600 calories. That means you would need to eat seven apples to consume the same amount of calories as that burger. That might not sound like much to some, but I challenge you to eat three apples in a row… its not that easy.

Keeping the doctor away at Function First Martial Arts In Lincoln

The point try reaching for the healthy stuff first and then if you are still hungry try a little bit of what you were craving, the chances are you wont want it anymore. Lets be honest, feeling to full to eat unhealthily is a pretty good position to be in.

We take nutrition seriously at Function First Martial Arts In Lincoln

So not only are apples healthy and handy, they are also a good preworkout snack, so next time you finish work, and think I don’t have time to cook before your training at function first martial arts in lincoln, reach for an apple…

Thank you and forward the revolution

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