Martial Arts Parents Support

How to Help Your Children Get the Most Out of Martial Arts

Martial Arts parents support is vital if we are to succeed, were good but we need your help.

You Choose

Parents choose the martial arts as an activity for their children for various reasons. Confidence, discipline, lose weight and so on.

Building A Habit

It takes around three months to build a habit, it’s important to make it to classes during this period. When kids want to quit we find that a contract between them and parents works well. Agree, sign and pin up next to the bed. “I agree to stick with Martial Arts Classes until I achieve my XXXXX grade”

This approach we feel is conducive to real life, contractual agreements and keeping your word. If they still want to quit after this has been achieved then at least you all gave it a good go and stuck to your word. This in the classic arts is called MAKOTO, integrity and doing as you say.

“She never really sticks at anything”  We hear this a lot from parents of young children. You really do not want to develop this mindset. Success in virtually every single thing on this planet requires a consistent approach. You need to put in the work and develop a disciplined approach. Building this mindset has far reaching benefits throughout your life, especially when developed at a young age.

Kids who develop a disciplined mindset succeed in many areas of adult life. If you haven’t seen or read it, then check out the marshmallow test.  Follow-up studies decades later, when the children were into their forties uncovered some startling results. 100% of those kids who showed self-discipline succeeded in many areas including happiness and well-being, not just wealth and careers.

The kids who chose the easy option, instant gratification. Well, they did nowhere near as well in virtually every single area.

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Developing A Mindset For Life

The quitting, can’t be bothered mindset is something that has to be developed.  The more you quit things the easier it becomes to do it again. It’s like lying, one lie makes it easier to lie again and again. This occurs because you have started to develop that thought process. The next time you can’t be bothered it’s easier to find an excuse. The more times you quit an activity or stay sat on the sofa or choose the PS4 instead of going to class. The stronger the neural cortex becomes that is associated with this mindset. This is the same for a “Can Do” mindset. You develop a quitting mindset or a can do warriors mindset, it really is your choice.

Realistic Expectations – Patience & Persistence

If it’s taken 3-5-7 years to get to the place your child is in, then it will take some time to get back on track, and we need parents support to make it happen.

Think about it, your child has been overweight for five years.

  • There are 168 hours in a week,
  • That’s 43,680 hours in five years.

Now compare that to time on the mats with us at say one class a week.

  • One class a week is 1 hour
  • That’s 260 hours over five years

You get my point, it can be done but it takes time and we need parents support to succeed. Be it weight, confidence, discipline, the argument remains the same.

Martial arts are not about fighting, they are about building character” Bo Bennet


Hopefully, you have scoured this site, read our previous blogs and are now convinced of just how tremendously beneficial martial arts can be, not just for the physical and mental health of your children but also for the well-being of the entire community that they operate within.

Martial Arts parents support

You play a determining role in how much your children will get out of their martial arts experience. Although the benefits that training has to offer children are huge. These benefits cannot be fully realised without proper guidance from their guardians and parents support. It is up to the adults around them to keep them dedicated and focused on learning as much as they can. This activity can have the chance to shape them into respectful, caring, confident, self-regulated, and people-oriented adults.

As a parent, you have more influence over the shaping of your child’s character than any other person on the planet. While it is true that some studies have shown that a child’s character is more significantly influenced by their environment outside of the home than it is by their environment inside of the home. It is the parent’s support of the child who ultimately decides what that outside environment is going to be.

Martial Arts parents support – Involvement and Motivation

Parents, for the most part, are the ones who pick their child’s school and determine what activities they will participate in and how often. They are also the ones who will ultimately determine whether their child will be allowed to quit these activities if they happen to lose interest. The younger your child is, the more influence you have over all of these elements and the more important your role is in determining how much your child will get out of the activities they participate in. In this chapter, we will lay down a few basic things that you as a parent can do to get involved in your children’s martial art practice and make it as beneficial of an activity for them as possible. Martial Arts parents support

Martial Arts parents support – For Learning and Retaining Information

Dedication on the part of the child is by far the most important factor in determining how much they will get out of any particular activity, and how dedicated they are to that activity is largely influenced by how often they participate in it. The more time they spend on the mat in martial arts class, the faster they learn and the more determined they become to absorb everything that the sport has to offer.

A child who only goes to martial arts class once a week will not get nearly as much out of the class as a child who goes three times a week, and it is very likely that they will not even be able to remember from one session to the next what they have learned because there is simply too much time between.

When children cannot remember what they have been taught, it becomes virtually impossible for them to progress and they will likely want to give up when they see that their skills are not improving at all. It is therefore recommended that when you sign your children up for a martial arts program, you sign them up for a class that meets at least two or three times a week. Martial Arts parents support

Cost Vs Value

It may be a little more expensive, but what they will gain from it will definitely be worth the extra money. If you really cannot afford to have them attend more than one class a week, the next best thing you can do is to make sure they practice at home on a regular basis so that they can better retain what they have learned. This is not quite as beneficial for their progression in the sport as attending more classes would be because they do not have the coach or other students around to help them improve their technique, but it will at least do something to increase their dedication and ensure that they do not forget everything in between class sessions.

Martial Arts parents support – Too Many Activities?

Another thing you can do to keep your child dedicated in their practice of the martial arts is to not involve them in too many other activities. Very often, children miss out on the many benefits that martial arts and other similar activities have to offer. Because they have way too many other things going on to prevent them from staying focused on any one pursuit. In today’s increasingly competitive world, parents often feel that their children need to be skilled at absolutely everything. So they pressure their children into being involved in far too many activities. Children’s schedules become packed with football practice on one day. Oboe lessons on the next, art class and tutoring twice a week. Foreign language classes on the weekend, and martial arts training squeezed somewhere in the middle.

Just another one of the many activities that are supposed to make children into perfectly well-rounded students.


The only thing that participating in all of these activities does for your children, however. Is to turn them into walking balls of stress before they even turn thirteen. They may possess a moderate understanding of a lot of subjects. But they will not be particularly devoted to any one thing.

Bruce Lee once said. “I fear not the man who has practised 10,000 kicks once. But I fear the man who has practised one kick 10,000 times.”

A person who practices a little bit of everything will never be truly great at anything. But if you completely devote yourself to one activity. You will quickly absorb everything it has to offer and eventually become an expert in that area.

It is therefore much better to have your children dedicate themselves to mastering martial arts. (or one other art, take you pick the concept still applies). Than it is to split their time between a hundred different activities that they will quickly lose interest in. Again Martial Arts parents support is vital.

Parents Support – Persistence

The most important thing a parent can do to is to make sure that they stick with it. Even when it gets difficult or boring. Having children participate in martial arts classes multiple times a week without committing them to too many additional activities. Will go a long way towards ensuring that they remain dedicated to their sport. But there may still come a time when they want to quit.

Studies have shown that about seventy percent of children quit participating in sports activities. By the age of thirteen, which is an astounding and disappointing drop out rate. Considering how important regular exercise is to these youth. Three main causes have been identified as being primarily responsible for children’s decisions to quit sports activities. These are that their parent or instructor is putting too much pressure on them to win. That they realise that they are not as skilled at the sport as the rest of their teammates. Or that they are simply bored and have decided that they would rather do something else.


Whatever their excuse is for wanting to give up. It is very important that you as parents support and address the issue and insist that they keep training. They may whine and complain about it for a while. But in the end, they will thank you for not letting them give up.

Martial Arts parents support – Screaming From The Sidelines?

One of the main excuses children tend to give for quitting a sport is. That their parent or instructor was putting so much emphasis on winning. This happens more often in highly competitive team sports such as football or rugby than it does in martial arts. But it does occasionally happen in the more competitive combat sports as well.

When this occurs it can be highly detrimental to children because it can completely ruin their experience. It can prevent them from getting anything positive out of it. Pushing a child boxer to beat up their opponent in order to win a fight is detrimental. It also goes directly against everything martial arts are about. It prevents the child from gaining any of the numerous psychological benefits from the sport. This kind of negative experience can discourage a child from participating. Not only just in martial arts, but also in sports in general.

Martial Arts parents support – Winners Win – Losers Learn 

Competing in martial arts is an experience that is supposed to benefit children whether they win or lose, and in fact, children often learn more from losing a match than they do from winning it. If a parent or instructor makes winning the most important component of martial arts. Criticises children and shows extreme disappointment when they lose. Those children will begin to hate training and they are very likely to want to quit. This reason for quitting is perhaps the most damaging to children because of their negative experience. It will discourage them from participating in sports in the future. Therefore losing all of the positive health benefits that these physical activities have to offer.


As you should have already learned from our blogs and website, martial arts is not about beating up your opponents, it is about building character and both inner and physical strength. Any instructor that makes martial arts more about winning fights than developing these traits. Should probably not be teaching your child.

We hope you found this article helpful and look forward to seeing you on the mats