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Mitt Master Level 2 Today

Great morning Recap of Mitt Master Level 2 training with Matt Chapman from Masters academy in Loughton

mitt master.

By the end of this year all our coaches will be certified Master pad handlers by one of the best in the UK with a very intelligent approach to pad handling to get the best from our students.

Raising the level and constant improvement of all Function First Coaches is our number 1 company value.

We work tirelessly full time on nothing but martial arts and fitness, developing programs and structured classes for faster fun learning. Five full time staff in Lincoln and one in Louth with 5 part time going full time soon.

We wake up, train, study, coach, live and breath this stuff.

This means we can deliver you our best. This is what you pay for, not just amazing facilities 7 days a week classes from noon to 10pm

But constant new information, constant learning and improvement 7 days a week all day long is all we do.

For you..

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