MMA for Self Defence?

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How is MMA Effective for Self-Defence?


Even a casual observer of professional sports has heard of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA). It would be difficult not to learn about the sport since has become so incredibly popular in recent years. So popular has the sport become, many have taken it up as a hobby. However, there are those old school martial arts that might wonder if MMA is good for self-defence. For those with such concerns, the ability to make MMA effective for self-defence requires little more than a few tweaks. Once you make the proper changes, MMA becomes an excellent core art for defending yourself.

The reasons why MMA is a good base art for self-defence are:

  • The art incorporates training at a variety of different ranges. Boxing and kickboxing comprise the stand up striking portion. Wrestling, Thai boxing and Judo are a large part of the close-quarters component. Wrestling and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu round out the ground game.
  • MMA is a full contact art. Now, this does not mean those that are MMA practitioners are interested in really beating each other up in training. Rather, it means the training will revolve around working against resistance. Sparring is a large part of most MMA programmes.
  • MMA is also designed to help get you into great condition. The better conditioned and the tougher your body is, then the better primed it will be to handle a self-defence scenario.
  • It is easy to incorporate other arts into the MMA structure. Weapons techniques, combatives and even aspects of the traditional martial arts can be weaved into MMA.

Of course, there will also need to be a few modifications made for street self-defence purposes. These changes are not as complex as you might initially assume. The truth is Mixed Martial Arts training does provide you with an excellent foundation for your fighting skills. Again, you just have to make a few tweaks.

  • MMA is commonly taught for the specific scenario of the cage. For self-defence, you will want to weave the techniques of the cage for more street oriented scenarios. This includes environmental training and being able to avoid or to calm down a difficult situation. Our self defence classes in Lincoln are world class and a lot of fun..
  • The ability to fight without the benefit of safety equipment such as mats or gloves must be addressed.
  • Legal questions about being able to defend yourself must be answered.

Once you do understand a few of the differences between the ring and the street, you will find your ability to turn combat sports into a great self-defence system. Making the modifications is not hard at all.

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