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So we recently held our first MMA assessments at Function First MMA Lincoln.


Well firstly our responsibility is your safety and secondly we want the wins eh..

Not everyone wants to compete in MMA and thats fine, we never pressure anyone into competing, that would be pointless and stupid. But for those who do then there needs to be a minimum criteria met before anyone can enter the cage and compete. The fight team rules and expectations available in the academy along with Matt Chapman’s book “How to win your first mma fight” detail the areas that need to be understood before anyone enters the cage. I’ll not rattle on too much about that here, as i say its available in the academy.

The assessments integrate with the fight team expectations and Matt’s book. The levels are 1 – 9 with level 9 being the equivalent of a blackbelt. By this time all the areas should be understood and you will have a complete game with no holes. Of course as with any respectable blackbelt this is the beginning not the end of the journey.

A blackbelt signifies a grasp of the basics that we now fine tune until your dying day.

The assessments, like all our other gradings are not solely based on knowledge, MMA is a tough sport so various aspects such as mental toughness, attitude, ability, attendance and conditioning – yep i’ll say that a little louder….. CONDITIONING  all come into play.

What about those who have already competed?

For you the journey is a little different.

What were talking about here is someone who has never trained any martial arts in their life and want to train and maybe compete in MMA. This person needs looking after and not throwing into the fire. Like a sword maker forges the metal we forge the student, a little at a time until they become battle ready. Heat them up to quick and throw them straight into the fire and they will break under pressure.

Women Most Welcome

  • YOU want to win and stay safe
  • WE want you to win and stay safe

Like i said not everyone wants to compete but just love to train in MMA, the assessments work just as well for you to. They give you set goals to achieve and aim for and an understanding of where you are. They motivate and measure your journey just like the belt system in other traditional arts.

Hope that all makes sense. More power to you and onwards and upwards we go..


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