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I thunk this day. I have so much martial information that it would be impossible to teach it all to one person unless they lived with me and i gave them lots and lots of my time.

JKD Master of Masters Seminar

I also thunk i want more and i know very little really, i want to do what Bob Breen did the other week and blow everyones head in with a jab after 20 years of training elite level.

I then thunk, its impossible to get bored teaching, if it ever happens to you then you havent been taught how to coach, develop, study and create.

We are creators, scavengers, copy and pasters doing it with style and purpose, engagement in the arts and awareness of the source. Finding things no one ever taught you, making it work in sparring against seasoned players then knowing although you found it it has been found before, but finding it makes it yours, you own it.

Depth of knowledge as opposed to a million techniques, a concept is worth a thousand of em

On the mats as off the mats.

Peace my lovelies

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