Self Defence Lincoln

Beginners Classes  

Building Confidence – Getting Fit – Burning Those Calories & Having Fun

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In Our Self Defence Lincoln Classes

You Will

  • Build Confidence while having fun
  • De Stress
  • Develop Mental Toughness
  • Get Fit while losing weight
  • As a result, improved self esteem
  • Have huge amounts of fun
  • Learn Strategic and tactical combat essentials
  • Discover positional hierarchy and control the line of attack
  • Understand the use of force continuum, because you need to know your legal rights
  • Learn the 5 ways of attack

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self defence lincoln
self defence lincoln


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Year 1 Self Defence lincoln

Objectives and methodology


Strategy and Positional Hierarchy
The focus for year 1 RST self-defence Lincoln is on keeping one or two opponents from entering into your personal space by understanding simple positional hierarchy and control of the dominant angle of attack, then to have a basic strategy down, which in the RST is to take the opponents back. All situations occur with the aggressor(s) at a distance, this is where we aim to keep them; if we have to engage then our main purpose is to take the back.

The physical work & sparring
Development of the major strikes, punches, elbow, knee, kick along with movement patterns and body mechanics is something that we develop all our lives but in year one of RST self defence Lincoln we set the foundation for efficient movement, standing, kneeling, sitting and on your back and for power development and strikes all standing. We also have six takedowns that can be used in accordance with the threat level. All work in year one is with one and two opponents and with use of the environment. Our aim is to build confidence with the physical work through high-energy pad drills developing power, knowledge and ability.

Self Defence Lincoln Legal

Another important aspect of the program RST self-defence Lincoln is to understand the use of force continuum and your response to the level of threat, Yes we need the skills and mental toughness to deal with worse case scenario but in the modern world, not only legally but as decent human beings we need the skill to respond accordingly to threat levels. We break this down into three categories during year one of the program.

Put simply, it takes very little skill to escalate a potentially violent situation. To de-escalate on the other hand is a much harder skill level to acquire but when understood and developed can alter the outcome of a situation dramatically.

Mindful engaged training and self-coaching.
The RST self-defence Lincoln system is designed to have no passive parties training. By this we mean the pad feeder or both training partners are fully engaged in the process, as a result, this not only accelerates learning but puts the mind in a place where it lives in the moment. This is done with training methods such as attitude training, never leaving the arena when changing pads, through giving each student one area to tune up on their partner during class (this is also where we teach students how to coach and self-coach, this, in turn, speeds up everyone’s growth.  We also break down techniques into as many parts as sensible and having both partners talk through the process. This type of training has enormous benefits that spill over into daily life, on the mats and off the mats is our philosophy.

Self Defence Lincoln 

Agility, stability and a balanced body
Also a huge part of the RST self-defence Lincoln, in year one we lay the foundations for a well-balanced injury free body. We do this through specific exercises and postural assessments as we coach. Because posture has a direct link to mental well-being and imbalances lead to injuries, therefore, we aim to improve the quality of life through our structured programs and coaching ability.



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