Making Changes

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Making Changes

making changes

It can seem overwhelming at times. You don’t know what to do first, is it correct and how do you know?

Let’s look at nutrition, it’s a minefield out there, where to begin?

Making Changes – What’s your output?

First off what are you outputting? Are you running three marathons a week or sofa surfing?

I’ve seen many people crash and burn who train hard then ramp up the routine. Say for a competition, they often neglect the nutrition which of course needs to meet training requirements.

So if you’re training as a hobby 2-4 hours a week. Then simply clean up your food, eat non processed food and cut out the rubbish, you know what that is.

Making Changes – Fuel source

Let’s be clear, I’m no expert though I do deal with lots of people training hard and helping them find the correct balance. We do ok.

I always start with this. What are your ratios of carbs, protein and fat?

We work on this for some weeks until we find good energy levels

Then we add fasting, super simple. Don’t eat after 6-7pm and breakfast 9-10am

Making Changes – Repair time

So while your fasting/sleeping your body has time to recover. This is when the important work is done.

Increase in muscle mass from fasting has been well documented and the evidence is available on that.

While fasting/sleeping your body goes through various stages of repair and recovery that are important if you are training hard. Even if you’re not, it’s important.

Making Changes – Takes time

This is where most fail. It takes time.

Let’s say you have been living in doughnuts and coffee for 10 years. Then every cell in your body has been created from that fuel source. It’s going to take time to change and the effects will be small over time. Sometimes so small you won’t feel it. That doesn’t mean it’s not working.

Every single cell in your body will regenerate in the next seven years. You are physically a completely different person. Eating well and looking after yourself is not a quick fix. Eat well for the next 10 years and every single cell you are made of has been made on a different fuel than the doughnut 10.

Hopefully you feel amazing, either way, you are building a Formula 1 car not a banger racer that you scarp after one race.




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Circadian Rhythm 

Daily Fasting

So a little update on how my fasting is going

It’s still early days but I feel great, I’m averaging 13-14 hours fasting from 7 pm to around 8.30am  the next morning and this is what I have discovered so far.

See the pic below, I’ve been tracking my fasting with this great app, Zero

I rarely feel hungry which is not what I expected, now first thing in the morning I have adjusted to eating earlier than normal or I seem to have an energy crash so a couple of eggs, rye bread and spinach it is.

Later a shake with veg and lots of good fats followed by a light meal salad etc then my main meal by 7 pm.

All my meals are low carb lots of good fats, now Paula has been doing this with me and she is experiencing similar results especially the not being hungry bit.

I’ve dropped a few KG but that’s not why I did this and I’ve not really weighed myself but I know my body and my pants are looser.

Well that’s it for now, I’ll be sticking with it until summer and seeing how I feel so more later




Sugar Makes You Dumb

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OK Sugar May Not Make You Dumb

But Ants Like It And They Are Annoying When They Get In Your Pants

You should really check this video out, it’s not preachy, it’s serioulsy valuble information that will make a huge difference to your well being and therefore your life and therefore those around you.

They will feed off your new found zen like energy as you float around the hemisphere with a blissful karmic knowing that you could have felt worse, simply by eating lots of sugar.

Gary Taubes is the author of The Case Against Sugar, Why We Get Fat, Good Calories, Bad Calories, Bad Science, and Nobel Dreams.

Let us know what you think and if you take the step to cut out the drugsugar then we’d be interested in hearing how you get on

Revolution IS Internal


Martial Arts Training Surely Is A Great Way To Loose Weight

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Loose Weight with Martial Arts

A lot of students will sign up for martial arts lessons because they wish to lose weight. Honestly, this might be one of the best decisions the health conscious could ever make. Martial arts training can definitely burn up a lot of calories. Performance in the class itself is not the only source of fat burning. The lean muscle mass developed by the workouts will speed up the metabolism to the degree it certainly can contribute to a great deal of burned fat.

Martial arts for weight loss

The martial arts is a world known for its hyperbole. The claims of weight loss likely are the most honest and there are many examples of people losing weight to show fat loss is highly possible.

Each individual person that suffers from obesity may wish to look at their own situation and personal health before making any assumptions about much weight loss can be expected and how much work will be required to actually lose weight.

For someone that is extremely overweight, it may be best to have a complete physical performed by a doctor to ensure there are no underlying health issues that may make martial arts training risky. Also, anyone in poor physical condition or has low cardio may wish to take things slowly. Going slowly allows those new to working out to be able to slowly build up the endurance required to get the most out of their workout sessions.

There is no reason to rush the process because weight loss from the martial arts likely is a long term benefit gained from improving activity levels. A person enrolled in martial arts training and goes regularly three times a week for three months is likely going to see solid results. This does not mean no results will be gained in the first couple of weeks. Calorie burning does start on day one, but it may take some time to burn off a significant amount of them.

Anyone wishing to lose weight with the martial arts does not to improve his or her diet to maximize results. Martial arts classes can only go so far in terms of being able to burn up stored fat. Cutting back on high calorie and unhealthy meals would boost the chance of weight loss success immensely.

Overall, martial arts training should be one part of a healthy lifestyle that makes weight loss possible.

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