The Odd World of Strange Grappling Moves

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The Odd World of Strange Grappling Moves

There are certain grappling moves to beware of. No, this is not an inference to the more dangerous moves such as heel hooks and neck cranks. On second thought, you DO have to beware of those moves and curtail their use. Most schools will have an outright ban on moves of that nature so we do not have to worry too much about practicing them. Schools will not have a ban, however, on moves that can be deemed utterly ridiculous and useless. And oh yes, there are quite a number of grappling moves of that nature.

There are a few categories in which the more ridiculous moves fall under. The first would be moves that simply are so low in percentage they could never work.

Low percentage grappling moves

The history of the martial arts is rife with some odd grappling moves.

 In the late 1980s, a number of grappling videos were released to capture the slowly growing market of students interested in BJJ. Many of these videos came out at a time when people were not familiar with the common ground positions of the standard resistance someone will feel when attempting to apply the move. In short, you end up with a few remnants of this lower percentage moves still floating around and they are best not trained too often. You never know. You might be able to use one now and then. However, they are not the high percentage moves that should be worked on a great deal.

Now, there is also (sadly) a way to undermine the effectiveness of moves that are very high percentage. Yes, an armbar and a triangle choke can be made decidedly less effective than they should be. How this occurs is when they are connected to a sequence that just has too many moves. In truth, it would not be the arm lock or the choke that is ineffective. The setup and the entry into the choke would be the flawed elements ruining the effectiveness.  Cutting down all the extra moves is a must in order to make the technique work. Be mindful of the fact that the more components there are to a move, the more opening exist for a counter. If it takes three moves, there are three points in which to escape before the submission is sunk in. If there are 8 moves, well, that is quite a long path before the submission is sunk. A host of opportunities are open for the individual to actually escape.

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