The Study of the Weapons of Antiquity Still Has Value in the Modern World

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Old school weapons in our modern world

You could thank the Kill Bill movies for reinvigorating the study of weapons in the martial arts. In particular, Samurai sword training has become popular. In recent years, the Game of Thrones television series has raised interest in learning about the western sword and weapon arts. While many take up such study, most assume this is solely for fun and personal enjoyment instead of any actual real practical application.

The truth here is there are quite a number of modern applications drawn from weapons training.

Weapons training has a bit more use than many realize. By weapons training, it is meant the student studies some of the older weapons fighting methods from antiquity. It does not refer to the use of the modern knife as an offensive tool. There might be some very old systems of weapons fighting that have been lost mostly to the ages. In the modern world, people do not know the proper way swords work. Barring Olympic fencing, knowledge about weapons training is limited to those who learned the intricacies of older weapons via the traditional martial arts.

Is the study of these older weapons solely for entertainment and personal education purposes? To a degree, there are those that just enjoy weapons training because it is something different and unique to do. So be it. Let them enjoy their training!

Others will simply take on weapons training because, well, you do have to move a lot and this means calories are burned. Also, the constant movement of the upper limbs contributes to muscle development in the arms and shoulders. Certainly, there is nothing wrong with that. DVDs have been released promoting workouts based on weapons systems and the content of the material is almost exclusively rooted in a unique means of getting toned. Again, there is nothing wrong with that.

The true beauty of training with older weapons is, however, there are a lot of unique empty hand applications that come from weapons training. Bareknuckle boxing, karate and systems of Chinese martial arts can trace their origins to the old weapons systems of previous generations. Investing a little time in learning these older systems can lead to unlocking a number of empty hand secrets that may have been lost to time. Upon learning some of these older techniques, the modern application of these moves begins to make much more sense.

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