All You Need For Training

The information on this page is only for those taking part in the charity event white collar boxing


So as discussed please don’t buy from TK Max or Sports direct, these are not suitable for punching someone in the face with and your safety is our priority.

If you already have some kit your most welcome to use it if it meets the minimum safety standards and we sell individual items if you need them

So for men the full kit is £45 and women £40 due to the groin guard requirements to compete on the night

  • 16oz leather gloves
  • Hand wraps
  • Gum shield
  • Groin Guard for men

We won’t lie, it helps us as a small business if you buy from us but your welcome to buy your kit from elsewhere, just be sure not to buy rubbish. There’s lots out there especially Ebay and simply put its banned in our club

Pay For Your Kit Below & Pick It Up In The Academy

Be Sure To Add Your Name To The Order


To Make Training As Efficient & Stress-Free

  1. Have all your kit ASAP so we can begin
  2. Tag/Initial your kit so as not to lose it
  3. Turn up to sessions with hands wrapped already or arrive in plenty of time to do so (video will be posted soon on how to wrap hands)
  4. Bring plenty of water
  5. No outdoor shoes on the mats, either bare feet, socks or boxing boots with white souls