You Are What You Think

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Think Smart

You are what you think and you get what you ask for.

Banana dog, he think good things

Banana dog, he think good things

One of the greatest gifts or skills i have personally developed over the years is this

TO FORGIVE and move on, be it myself or others.

Through some pretty bad experiences, huge financial losses through corrupt lying thieving folk, from physical harm and just some down right nasty people out to get ya i have developed a mindset which enables me to put things in perspective and move on very quickly.

It pains me to see others get caught up in their thoughts that start to bury them in depression and doubt. We all know it logically, that we need to put down the glass of water as although only light at first will soon burn out the muscles in the arm. But putting it into practice in daily life seems to elude most regardless of intelligence.

Something so trivial in the workplace or at home keeps churning or dripping like a tap and it becomes huge and then the knock on effect is out of control.

Sometimes it can be a big issue that needs addressing but often its the tinniest or a collection of tiny little things that some just cant let go of and take so personally it tortures them and in the end their fears are manifested like a self fulfilling prophecy. And then they can hand on heart say “I told you so”

Anyone who’s been around a very messy relationship break up or around extreme paranoid people may have at some time been drawn into a weird reality thats like an hallucination and although you know its not real you can see it through their eyes, see it happening actually physically happening. But then sense and logic re appears and you see it for what it really is without the years or months of self destructive affirmations we call thought, thats controlling us.

Johhny was walking to school, he was worried about an exam.
The kids in his class he felt were not ready for it
Why am i worried he thought? Im the cleaner and its not my job to do the exam

Your pre conceived ideas and thoughts need to be constantly updated as your life script floats by, dont let johnny get to school as a kid skipping along.


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